Glen Campbell Adiós

The video is a road trip down memory lane on the most mythical and timeless of all American roads — Route 66. A metaphor for the long and winding road of life in a classic automobile.

We see the beautiful natural scenery of Route 66 along the way, as well as long forgotten stores and roadside attractions from a bygone era. The elements have waged a relentless war here and the beautiful decay resonates a sense of time's irreversible succession from the past.

The driver represents a young Glen, full of life and passion. A memory of his former self. He is seen in fragments -- a hand on the wheel, an eye on the road, a silhouette.

Along the way, archival footage of Glen is integrated naturally: reflected on the surface of the car, or seen in a motel television or diner. Most of this will be added in post but we will project some archival footage onto various textures along the journey.

The visuals reflect the way your mind might wander on a road trip, making for a nostalgic and lush image piece that combines images from the road trip with sensory details that feel like memories. The piece will resonate with the bittersweet feel of a sincere goodbye.

Everything is shot with a photographer's eye. We hone in on gorgeous imagery that speaks to the simple pleasures of life: the way steam rises from a coffee mug in the morning light, vast fields of grass blowing gently in the breeze, the white lines of the road passing beneath us, and the delicate shades of pink and blue on the horizon. A visual poetry working with the music.

We pay special attention to the California coast. Route 66 ends in Santa Monica, so it might be nice to get dreamlike images of the pier, the waves at sunset, and of the old cantina mentioned in the song. We'll see fragments of a beautiful young woman and our driver from a forgotten time. A youthful love. I see two margaritas in the foreground with a couple dancing, out of focus in the background and silhouettes of the two watching the sun dip behind the water.

The car pulls away from us and glides up the coast at sunset, headed somewhere new as we fade to black.


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