Mandurah T1 Key Info

Venue: Mandurah Recreation Centre, 42 Honeysuckle Ramble, Halls Head

Date: 15/08/15 - 19/09/15

Tournament Manager: Paul Malone

Participation Data

  • 44 players registered
  • 32 boy & 12 girls
  • 24 of Aboriginal or Torres Strait decent
  • Average weekly participation: 25
  • 16 players attended all nights

Volunteer Participation

  • 12 volunteers registered
  • Average of 6 volunteers per night
  • Volunteers were from the Mandurah community and Jessica Vati's family

Workshop Data

The workshops for Mandurah T1 included fun of topics like breakdancing and serious topics presented by local police.


  1. Rules and skills testing
  2. Police - Crime/drug/alcohol awarness
  3. Breakdancig
  4. Bullying/sexting
  5. Relationships
  6. Program evaluation

Workshop evaluation

The workshops were well received by the young people participating with 23 out of 32 evaluation respondents saying they enjoyed all the workshops, and 6 saying they enjoyed most of them.

Workshops in order of participant preference:

  1. Breakdancing
  2. Bullying/sexting
  3. Relationships
  4. Police

Program Support

Mandurah T1 had strong financial support from WA Police and logistical support from Lifting Horizons. The contributions from these organisations were crucial to getting the program started in Mandurah.

There was also strong support on the ground from local youth service, Streetnet, and from the family of local youth worker, Jessica Vati. Her family provided home cooked food on most evenings and made up half of the volunteers on any given night. Their support and enthusiasm was a key to the success of the tournament.

Created By
Paul Malone

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