Mary Poppins By: Maddy McDonald

The play, Mary Poppins, was put on by the Paoli Drama Department and directed by English teacher, Mrs. Wishart. It was shown in the Paoli Auditorium on Dec 1st through the 3rd. The main characters; Mary Poppins who was played by Angel Pierce, Michael Banks- Grayson McGowen, Jane Banks- Jillian Keen, Bert- Keegan Anderson, and Mr. Banks-Chase Meehan. They all said that they had very good shows, and they were very happy with the turnout that they had on all of the days. All of them said that they had all lot to prepare for; Keegan had to perfect Bert's accents, Angel had to research Mary Poppins and learn a bunch about her to be able to play the part, Jillian ran through her parts with her friends and family and she listened to all of the songs she had to prepare for, and Grayson ran over her lines with Jillian who played Michael's sister, Jane.

From left to right, Mr. Banks played by Chase Meehan, Mrs. Banks- Livi Sullivan, Jan Banks- Jillian Keen, and Michael Banks- Grayson McGowen. In this picture, Jane and Michael are reading their letter that they wrote to the nanny that they say they want.
In this photo, they are out in the town and they are seeing all the towns people walking by. "" said Grayson McGowen, who played Michael Banks.
Bert (Keegan Anderson) and Mary Poppins (Angel Pierce) in the chimney sweep scene. "The performances went well. We were a bit pressed for time but the cast worked very hard to pull everything together, and in the end the production reflected that work" said Angel Pierce, who played Mary Poppins.
Mrs. Banks (Livi Sullivan) as she was singing a song with her husband behind her, Mr. Banks (Chase Meehan).
Michael Banks (Grayson McGowen) and Jane Banks (Jillian Keen) as they are in the park talking to Neleus (Tyler Pavey) the statue in the park. "The performances, in my opinion, were way better than I expected. The last one, especially, was awesome. Everyone knew their parts and we were all comfortable and added a bit of humor into the show." said Jillian Keen, who played Jane Banks.
Some of the characters in the park as they socialize. "I had to perfect Bert's accent. its not proper British, its called cockney. Its a very thick form of the dialect that has a lot of slang. It was difficult at first, but it became natural after a couple weeks." said Keegan Anderson, who played Bert.

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