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Hello, lovely to meet you! I'm Felice Kinnear and I'm the Editor of Rancho Santa Fe Connector magazine (above). I'm driven to create articles with the soul of your story inspiring investment in you from our readers. Rancho Santa Fe is frequently featured on Forbes 'most expensive zipcodes' list and with homes that belong to Bill Gates, Jenny Craig, the cover of The Connector has become a vehicle to introduce your story to business moguls


YOU, could be our next cover story to and sit in living room with one of the most affluent neighborhoods in America..

Our cover features present a very human side of your brand to our readers. Let me introduce you to our audience so they have a chance to know you, trust you and like you. The cover gives a professional perspective of your business and biography published in a cover story inspires credibility and confidence in your abilities. These fully customized stories capture your personality, communicate your business values and details the mission that drives what you do and how you do it.

Locally owned businesses are the very backbone of Rancho Santa Fe's culture, economy and character. We are devoted to raising the visibility and viability of locally owned businesses which further the development of stronger and more sustainable communities. Our private magazine is delivered to 3,700 Rancho Santa Fe home owners every month with information to keep the neighborhood on the pulse of latest local news and rising stars

Fierce, powerful, precise...

Imagine meeting 3,700 Rancho Santa Fe home owners individually and telling them about your business and what you do differently. How long might that take? We can introduce what you to this neighborhood and highlight the chapters that will connect with them in one article.

A cover story photo spread amplifies your speciality. If your business was a super hero, what would your super power be? Super Mom, Super Nerd or Super Boss. We create a visual narrative to answer these questions in a compelling way...


Every day, Blaise Barrelet battled cancer which he’s thankful for. Why? It led him to his burning purpose.... saving local families from losing a loved one to cancer. His passion now drives his new business CureMatch.

A story cover can pull our readers to become interested in a cause you passionate about. It may even land the next donation or investor for your chosen charity. Is a cover story the best way to attract our readers to become invested into your non-profit? With headline like ‘I’m glad I have cancer,’Rancho Santa Fe is an extremely philanthropic community with many retired folk who live there. Take Blaise's story for example. For cancer awareness month we designed an article to generate an emotive response and drive donations through storytelling.


All of our featured stories are professionally written. Our writer will collaborate with you to create an interesting story that delivers your family and marketing message in a sophisticated way. Our articles will use a professional photographer to provide high quality images and meet your approval as we develop your story. Keep in mind all deadline dates given will need to be signed off on as there is only ONE chance to proof your story. This requires fact checking only, not rewriting. Check the stories above to make sure our writing style resonates with you. You likely will only be able to choose from the final photos for your cover depending on when cover shoot is booked. Google docs is the format we use to fact check with a scheduled phone call, please let your writer know she needs to walk you though how to use it. We're happy to assist to make the process seamless and fabulous!

Why Rancho Santa Fe Connector?

We want the decision makers of the household (the one with the credit card) to read your story and become invested in what you do. With residents like Shaun White, Jenny Craig and Bill Gates we make sure our audience can read the latest about their neighbors in a publication which holds accuracy and class in high regard. We make sure our publication is well read by including relevant content to this community to amplify your voice.

Our publication is distributed to 3,700 Rancho Santa Fe P.O. boxes monthly

Content is designed for Rancho Santa Fe neighbors specifically to keep our readers engaged

We have an 89.0% open rate from featuring a neighborhood family on the cover

We focus on Rancho Santa Fe current events and community-building content for

branding trust within Rancho Santa Fe

We keep our publication small (no more than 42 pages) to make it easy to read from cover to cover

We keep the magazine 50% content and 50% ads to ensure our readers are not flipping through 20 pages of ads to find the table of contents

Editor of Vogue, Kelly Connor (above) leans into thank her Mom for being her rock

How it works

  • The cover story will be created by a professional writer and edited to connect with our Rancho Santa Fe readers.
  • Once your questions are completed and cover story is created, we will make a time to shoot the cover with our professional photographer. Please note it is very important to only share with us information you are happy to see published. Also, only submit any photos you are happy to see published. We will not have time to accomodate any change of heart with content submitted. If there is anything you feel on the fence about, simply don't submit it. Focus on what you are passionate about to share with Rancho Santa Fe.
  • Once your portraits are edited you will choose from final 10 for the cover. If you choose to order the first package, you will receive 10 print copies of the magazine and 10 polished photos and a framed copy of the cover
  • With the second package, you will receive a full commercial license to share and “repurpose” your story on social media, your website, newsletters and blogs
  • If you choose to buy the high res digital copies, you can make your family portraits into Christmas cards
  • The best part? If you haven't had a chance to update or write your about page, post your cover story instead. Save yourself hours and let us take care of crafting an 'about page' in the form of a story. Bam


  • Cover with Vogue Stylist Team from https://www.taylorangino.com/4 full pages of coverage (usually $6,000)
  • Cover photo and tailored biography to engage Rancho Santa Fe readers
  • 20 print copies ordered
  • Storyboard of visual concept
  • 10 retouched high res photos
  • High res digital copy of the magazine
  • Private distribution to 3,700 homeowners in RSF
  • Full commercial license to publish all photos and magazine on social media/website


  • For cover which includes all of the above without Vogue stylist.