Journey to Mars

NASA has a whole mission dedicated to find out if the Red Planet, Mars, can be inhabitable for humans. In the article written by NASA, it states that their goal is to send humans to the Red Planet, and that their goal is well underway. They have sent many rovers and they have a huge rover coming in 2020, the Mars 2020 Rover, that will determine just what kind of Martian resources there are, including Oxygen.

Curiosity, rover that was sent to explore Mars in November of 2011

With the rover Curiosity exploring Mars, it has taught scientists many things. Curiosity found that there were conditions that were once fit for ancient life. In 2013, Curiosity sent rock samples back to Earth and scientist discovered that it contained sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon, which they say are the key chemical ingredients for life. Scientist said that the rock that Curiosity picked up may have been found from what may have been an ancient stream. Mars has weather and seasons, similar to earth, but since Mars is farther from the sun, it is much much colder.

In NASA's website, they say that they hope to be able to send people to live in Mars by the 2030's. They will do tests on how they can send people and they will make sure that there is everything that humans need in order to survive in the Red Planet.

Mars is the next tangible frontier for human exploration, and it's an achievable goal. There are challenges to pioneering Mars, but we know they are solvable. We are well on our way to getting there, landing there, and living there.
View of the Moon and the Earth from Mars

Animation of Rover Curiosity landing. After it landed, the machine flew away and landed elsewhere so it wouldn't damage the rover.


Created with images by skeeze - "mars planet space" • skeeze - "mars rover curiosity vehicle" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Curiosity Touching Down, Artist's Concept"

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