M Street Bakery take a trip to howell for An eccentric take on milkshakes

By Jillian Chesney

M Street Baking company prepares a variety of milkshakes, drinks, and baked goods. Located in downtown Howell, they’re most commonly known for their shakes because of their outstanding taste and appearance.
The shakes are loaded with complementary candies and sweets and are relatively pricey at $10 each; however, it was worth the cost after taking the first sip. the atmosphere was lacking because there wasn’t much seating to accommodate a lot of people -- you should try to choose an average day. This was likely because their community was celebrating Halloween in downtown and the streets were flooded.
Another downside was the 45 minute wait, however, I would still recommend this eatery to the public because the shakes are one of a kind. I’m excited to see this become a trend at Dexter.
TO DIE FOR: This is an Oreo Butterfinger milkshake topped with a cupcake and an assortment of chocolate treats.

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