At the heart of Ransom Everglades' commitment to reinventing excellence is thoughtful strategic planning.

Five years into my tenure at Ransom Everglades and two years into the public launch of REinventing Excellence: The Campaign for Ransom Everglades, I am overcome with gratitude for the many alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, trustees and friends who have brought us to this historic moment in our journey.

In 2018-19, donors contributed nearly $9 million in financial support for our students, faculty, programs and campuses. Giving to The Fund for Ransom Everglades reached nearly $2.8 million. I am thrilled to report that commitments to REinventing Excellence now stand at $47 million, nearly two-thirds of the way to our goal of $75 million.

As we start the year, the STEM Center continues to rise on the upper school campus, and we expect to unveil the building to our community by early next year. We are also moving forward on the renovation of the historic La Brisa home, which will eventually house offices for our administration and staff.

We are working diligently to foster the qualities that distinguish student life and learning at RE – aptitude in experiential learning, interdisciplinary proficiency, global awareness and concern for the greater good.

I am delighted to introduce the 2018-19 Report of Giving. In these pages, we thank those whose contributions are creating the RE of tomorrow, and we share a few of the many ways in which RE donors are making a difference for our students and faculty.

On behalf of the entire RE community, thank you.

Stephanie G. Townsend

Head of School

A blend of bold aspirations

REinventing Excellence is about equipping students with the skills and habits of mind needed to thrive in today’s ever-changing world. And to prepare them for their journeys, we are:

  • enriching the curriculum
  • building the best faculty
  • integrating technology creatively
  • upgrading buildings, facilities and spaces
  • developing RE as an institution
Enriching the curriculum

Enriching the curriculum

We are implementing a new middle school schedule that reflects a contemporary approach to teaching and learning, providing the space and daily rhythms for collaboration, skill development and innovation.

We have created three academic departments at the upper school: STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), Humanities, and World Languages & Global Studies. This shift allows students to pursue interdisciplinary study and knowledge at the nexus of distinct fields.

Faculty are finding new and meaningful ways to assess students' work through comprehensive final essays, projects, presentations and redesigned exam formats. These assessments demand analysis and creativity, value originality, require more writing and often take the form of projects that draw on knowledge and skills acquired over the course of the entire semester.

In 2018-19, RE invested $13.4 million in instructional programs.
Building the best faculty

Building the best faculty

Faculty are continuing to take advantage of rich professional growth opportunies, supporting their work in developing curriculum and designing unique programming for our students.

More than 70 percent of faculty possess advanced degrees, and many others are advancing their education in subjects as varied as English literature, musical theater, natural sciences, photography and data science.

These opportunities for continued study empower faculty to ask more focused, provocative questions and design even more relevant, engaging programming for our students.

In 2018-19, RE invested $300,000 in professional growth.
Integrating technology creatively

Integrating technology creatively

Faculty and students alike have embraced the integration of educational technology, which has diversified the classroom experience, offering tools that promote personalized learning and deeper engagement.

Emerging from the International Society for Technology in Education conference last summer, faculty member Greg Cooper crafted a collaborative assignment for the students in his elective course, “America in the Post 9/11 World.” Students conducted extensive research and compiled their work on an open access website, using both Google Sites and Adobe Spark.

Middle school faculty members Dr. Kelly Jackson and Gus Palacios spearheaded a project to install solar panels at the middle school. Faculty have begun to integrate solar energy into the curriculum by teaching students about alternative energy, how solar panels work and the advantages of alternative energy sources.

In 2018-19, RE invested $1.2 million in technology.
Upgrading facilities, buildings and spaces

Upgrading buildings, facilities and spaces

The new Wellness Center on the upper school campus opened in 2018-19. It offers students a quiet retreat when they need it. The center is the result of a board-led health and wellness initiative, designed to equip students with the information and support to make safe and healthy choices and learn how to take care of themselves.

The new STEM Center on the upper school campus, scheduled to open in early 2020, will be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certified structure. It reflects RE’s commitment to providing sustainable learning spaces that support the school’s faculty and students.

The renovation of the historic La Brisa home will consolidate RE’s admission, advancement and head’s offices, creating a dedicated area to welcome visitors and carry out those important functions of the school.

RE is also significantly increasing green space, preparing for a major upgrade of Ludington Hall and planning to repurpose the current upper school dining hall, ensuring that treasured but aging spaces are taken care of as new ones are added.

In 2018-19, RE invested $18.6 million in facilities, which include new construction.
Developing RE as an institution

Developing RE as an institution

The desire to make a difference is part of what distinguishes the Ransom Everglades community. Through service, RE students learn how powerful their contributions and voices can be.

Assistant Deans for Student Activities Jenny Gragg Carson ’03 and Dr. Corinne Rhyner implemented new structures and procedures to better focus the club program on service in 2018-19. Looking ahead, they have an ambitious plan for collecting and reporting more data about students’ contributions in the community.

In 2018-19, RE students participated in 31 clubs that serve the greater community.

Graduates' reflections

“Not only have I learned a great deal in each subject but RE has also instilled important values in me. I know these lessons will continue making me an active member in my community and stay with me forever. I have been challenged in ways that have allowed me to grow both as a person and a student. I have also received countless opportunities to explore my passions and even find new ones both in and outside of the classroom. ”

– Mia Tellechea-Choi '19

“Because of the resources and opportunities available here, I am a student with a purpose. That’s what makes the school unique. The students that come out of this school are people with a myriad of interests who share one commonality: we care more about what we can contribute to the world than we what we can take out of it. That’s why I applied here. That’s why I am excited to come to school every day.”

– Ilija Wann-Simm ’19

“Each and every teacher is enthusiastic about what they teach, creating an environment where students are excited to learn. Even more impressive, however, is that the teachers genuinely care about their students’ successes, not just in their class, but in all of the students’ endeavors, whether they be academic, athletic or artistic.”

— Calliste Skouras ’19

REinventing Excellence:

The Campaign for Ransom Everglades School

Our curriculum, classrooms and approach to technology are evolving. We are providing our students with new tools and modes of thinking that will help them navigate the shifting terrain of a complex and dynamic world.



Honor Roll of Donors

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The Fund for Ransom Everglades

The Fund for Ransom Everglades affords RE the flexibility not only to respond to immediate needs in the life of our school but also to amplify the resources available to every student. We are grateful to every donor who makes a difference in the lives of our students.

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