St Mary's College Newsletter Term 3, 2020 - issue 4

Message from the Principal

St Mary’s College iPad Programme 2021 I wish to announce some very exciting news. We have spent some time working on many aspects of Information Technology across the College, and planning for the future needs of the College from a teaching and learning perspective.

What is the exciting news?

Commencing in 2021, St Mary’s College will introduce a school provided 1:1 Device program for all students in Years 7-10. Y11 & 12 students will have the option of BYOD (bringing their own devices) for 2021, or alternatively accessing laptop technology provided by the College. Our primary campus will see an expansion of the existing device program, to cater for all year levels, K-6, on a 1:2 basis. Devices will be upgraded (replaced) to ensure that all devices at the College are ‘compatible’, meaning they are able to be updated for the most recent of software and operating system releases.

What is the device of choice?

Given the huge success of our primary iPad programme, and the success of other schools using Apple technology, the College has elected to roll out an iPad programme across the College. iPads are an innovative tool that have the capability to provide personalised learning for our students across all subject areas, and across all year levels. The College Leadership team believes integrating these devices into all areas and levels of our teaching and learning will allow our teachers to expand programmes and provide our students with wonderful opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, innovation and creation.

Research shows that students with 1:1 access are:

• More motivated and engaged in learning

• Better organised which improves literacy and numeracy outcomes

• Better able to collaborate and analytically think

There will be further information communicated to you once we have finalised the arrangements. We are looking forward to the benefits that the 1:1 programme can bring to broadening student learning, digital competencies, teacher planning and classroom practices and globalizing student outlook.

Mrs Carol Bell - Principal

SRC - Primary

Please enjoy the SRC report for the week, there are some exciting announcements in the report including the Bin sticker winners and reminder for those that fundraised for the Rainbow run to submit their prizes online.

Ms Gabby Somma - Teacher Primary

Our Mob Playgroup

The Our Mob Playgroup had their Picnic in the Park at Town Beach on Friday 4th September, where the little ones enjoyed water play, bubble blowing and lots of other fun activities.

Visit to the Yawarda Program
Brushing down Awesome the horse

Merrilee Lands - Our Mob Co-Ordinator

Year 1 - Father's Day Breakfast Celebration on Friday
Ms Carla Cunningham Teacher - Primary
Father's Day Breakfast

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What an awesome morning spent with our dads, granddads, godfathers, and uncles. Thanks to the amazing team of helpers that helped get our breakfast boxes prepared.

Mrs Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal of Primary
Yr 5 Coffee Pod Project

Thanks so much to everyone who donated their recycled coffee pods to our project! We have finished just in time for NAIDOC week. Students did an awesome job cleaning out the coffee grounds to go onto our gardens. They then cleaned out the pods and let them dry. We painted them the colours of our Aboriginal Flag and glued them onto plywood. A huge thanks to Mr Sonny who has been instrumental in putting this together - we couldn’t have done it without him!

Year 5 Gold Rush - Planning for Gold!

As part of our unit on the Gold Rush, Year 5 students got a chance to begin panning for gold. Thanks to our friends in Kindy for letting us use your awesome learning space! Students had to dig up the gold coins and nuggets and weigh them to see how much they were worth. It was a great opportunity for students to step into the shoes of gold miners from Australia’s history and understand what a hard job it was and how crazy people got when they found gold!

“As soon as I told anyone that I found a piece everyone came rushing over to where I was digging” - Maliyah Angus

“The diggers must’ve tried to keep whatever they got a secret so they didn’t have to share!” - Waylon Pigram

Jorje Harman Teacher - Primary
Year 5 & 6 Taste of Secondary Day

Year 5’s had such an awesome time over at the Secondary Campus on the 27th August. Students got to have a taste at all different subjects and check out some of the new buildings and facilities available.

Students participated in eight hands on lessons across a range of subject areas including Outdoor Ed, French, Home Economics, Digital Technologies, Dance and Drama - just to name a few.

Thanks to all of the secondary teachers who did their best to organise fun activities and make our primary kids feel super welcome!

Elijah Ejai - “My favourite part of the day was getting to hangout with Year 10 student JV he’s so cool!”

🌈 Rainbow Fun Run 🌈

Thank you to all the St Mary’s community who came and supported the Rainbow Fun Run on Friday the 4th of September.

  • It was fun because I love rainbows. I also enjoyed getting colourful. - Aaskia Ejai
  • Rainbow run 2020 was the best because there was lots of kids that participated and it was really fun because the teachers were spraying paint at us. There was lots of yummy food and we helped fundraise for EPIC week - Delanee Dolby
  • The Rainbow run 2020 was really, selling the food to everyone was fun. People brought a lot of food and we got a lot of money. - Imogen Sansoni
Keryn Moase - Assistant Principal Primary
Year 8 Social Night

Last Thursday night, the Year Eight students enjoyed some time together at their social event. The first part of the evening was spent eating pizza together before settling into the brand new Dance Studio to watch a movie. The students appeared to enjoy themselves and a good night was had by all. A special thanks to Miss Marie, Miss Tess, Miss Erin and Mrs Bell for joining us on the night.

Mr Mark Ross - Head of House - Secondary
SMC Information Night
Interschool Athletics Carnival

The Interschool Athletics Carnival was held on the 3rd of September on what was a warm day with the temperature reaching 37 degrees. Although the conditions were hard work for the athletes, they produced some awesome results and all students represented their schools with pride and great sportsmanship. It was a great contest between St Mary’s, Broome SHS and Derby SHS with the race for first place being close all day between St Mary’s and BSHS.

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete 3 relays on the day, but this had no bearing on the result, which was won by BSHS, only by a margin of 50 points. It is looking very promising for next year if all our athletes can carry through and compete as well as they did this year. I would like to thank all the parents who came to support their children, all the staff that made the event run so smoothly, Broome little Athletics for the use of their timing gates and all the athletes who gave it their best on the day.

Below is a list of Champions and runners up from SMC.

  • U13 Female Runner up – Henrietta Ningella
  • U/13 Male Champion – Phillip Pigram
  • U/13 Male Runner up – Joseph Kinney
  • U/14 Male Champion – David Pigram
  • U/15 Female Champion – Nevada Croft
  • U/15 Male Runner up – Sebastian Keating
  • U/15 Champion Female – Teaghan Hastie
  • U/16 Male Runner up – Kyle Lawrence
  • U/20 Female Runner up – Rosa Hungerford-Morgan
  • U/20 Male Runner up – Daniel Ralph
Steve Gregory -Head of Learning Area - Physical Education
Shinju Matsuri

Joshua Anderson supporting his local community, once again waking Sammy the Dragon during the Shinju festival. Great work Josh!

Joshua Anderson supporting his local community, once again waking Sammy the Dragon during the Shinju festival. Great work Josh!
Sara Brooke completing her Commercial Cookery Tafe Certificate 2 undertakes her training at the Shinju Pearl Meat Cook Off and Long Table Dinner.
Alumni Update
Class of 2018


Radiotown in Chinatown - Youth Radio Workshops

Ahoy there! Tay here from Pirate88. I am organising a school holiday program for the youth of Broome and I was hoping you would be able to share the event in your newsletter!

Now that restrictions have eased we are very excited that we can go ahead with the Radiotown in Chinatown - Youth Radio Workshops. 28th Sept - 2nd Oct.

In the upcoming school holidays, we have teamed up with The Shire of Broome and Regional Arts WA to present Radiotown in Chinatown - Youth Radio Workshops. Open to ages 11-25. Anyone that attends can let their voice be heard by creating their own radio show. This will help build their confidence, expand communication skills and also get a look inside the world of media. We will also be providing lunch to anyone who attends the workshop as well.

FB Event Page - https://www.facebook.com/events/chinatown-broome/drug-aware-radiotown-in-chinatown/300121184524048/

Taylah Welsh - Pirate88 radio - Fremantle & Broome