power of Rhythm and resistance BY ALEXANDEr HUgHES

Name Alexander Hughes Troupe

Class A1

Assignment Poetry Introduction

Date Mon,February 27

Resistance the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. In other words is something that is very important especially in this day and age. We need people to push back against the normals society gives us. With no resistance to things there would probably be a lot of really bad things going on still like slavery and women not being able to vote. Now don't get me wrong still a lot of problems we need to address.What im saying is without resistance none of it would be possible. Poetry is one of the ways of showing resistance and getting your voice out there and heard.I felt that i need it to do something like to help make a difference on a large scale .So i decided to use poetry as my outlet plus it was a grade for this unit we were doing.

So the motive behind all my poems are different i tried to cover a couple topics one being race another being bullying and one being the lack of creativity in the world. I carved these three things that are important to me. Im pushing back against some pretty heavy topics, but nonetheless these are things that need to be addressed. If every one lets the fact that the topic bullying and racism makes them uncomfortable and never talk about then the problems will just get out of control. Other then that i focus heavily on the racism thing most because before i transferred to the school i'm currently in i dealt with it i lot a was called a bit but i kept it to myself which didn't do me any good cuz it just bullit up until it became too much. And one day i lost it. What i'm getting at here is don't let your emotions build up. You have to have a way to let it out. Kinda like an outlet of some sort. Poetry and writing was my way of speaking out against the wrongs people wrote me. Found my way to show resistance

Me myself personally when we started this whole poetry unit i honestly was happy to be going into it, because I've always loved the idea of reaching people on a personal level with just words.i think of at as making moves with words. I personally think that's really cool. Also in this unit we got to look at some pretty amazing poetess. I would not mind going more in depth with this poetry unit but alas all good things must come to an end. I hope my poetry helped some people or inspired you.

Keeper of creation

A response to Banksy photo


I am the Keeper of creation, creator of imagination

I am the child soldier.

A night in black in white.

With every shot fired into the crowed.

I will take your life !

So that you my live.

Help you out your box

and into the world.

You shall not learn baby steps

But instead you will leap.

When the color knocks you out of your hollow black and white husk

Into a world of color

In the matter of seconds

YOu will be afraid.

But Don't fear me

indulge me

Don’t fear me

Indulge me.




I am a junior in high school

I am a freshmen in high school

I've been at this school all my life

I've been to so many different school I lost track.

New year new kids

New year new problems

First day. Fresh start i walk in take set next to friends in front

First day I walk in take a set at a table alone

My friend points out this new kid setting at this table all alone weird kid

I try to ignore these guys pointing and laughing at me.

MY friends get up and go over to get “equated” with the new kid

They got up and came over and started talking about me for no reason at all

We cracked a few jokes with the punk then he started crying so we figured it was time to go

They didn't stop until i started to cry.

But then this other new kid a pretty big guy comes out of nowhere and just threatens us for no reason

Some buy comes and stood up for me.




I'm not black you're not white

We are all people

We are all one

Yet we are not together

One nation on which we stand

For liberty and Justice for those who can adored it .

I to wish I was America.

Created By
Alexander Hughes-Troupe Logan grey


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "'Witch Head' Brews Baby Stars"

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