JonBenet Ramsey the beauty that didn't fade

JonBenet was born in August of 1990

Her first name is a feminized portmanteau of her father's first and middle names.

JonBenet was a beauty queen, that tragically passed away at age 6.

The youngest of 3, children of a socialite and wealthy business man .

"Let the beauty of what you do be what you love"

JonBenet lived the luxurious life that every little girl wanted. Daughter of a beauty queen later to be one herself JonBenet got into pageants at age 4. Born to a wealthy businessman Ramsey already had the desired life.Sadly, that was cut short after she was murdered in her family home day after Christmas. With a life ending at age 6, there's not much to say about her but you can tell she was a bright life, that didn't deserve to end.Till this day JonBenet Ramsey is a commonly talked about case.

A little girls dream? A JonBenet Ramsey story.

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