Nursing Amanda schroeder

Job Description: A nurse can do several things such as assessing and planning nurse care requirements, provide pre and post-operation care, monitoring medications and intravenous infusions, taking patients samples, pulses, blood pressure, and temperatures, writing records, providing emotional support to patients and relatives, and supervising junior staff (A 24-hour shift can be a requirement also).

Technology used for nursing: Clinical Information Systems: These systems bring together an organization's patient records, lab results, pharmaceutical data, medical research resources and other information, providing nurses and other caregivers with integrated, PC-based tools to help them input and retrieve information. Electronic Health Records: Patient records in this format provide instant access to a patient's medical history, improve communication between caregivers and offer flags and alerts to prevent conflicts over prescriptions and tests. Tablet Computers, Wall-Mounted PCs and Mobile Carts: These computer-based tools allow nurses to enter and retrieve information housed in a facility's information system without leaving the bedside. The systems can operate wireless and connect to databases containing care guidelines and other clinical resources. The Medical Device TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE): analyzes and reports on new and emerging technologies and product development; and regulatory matters related to respiratory/anesthesia, wound care and management, surgical tools and instrumentation, drug delivery, orthopedics, endoscopy, cardiology, and monitoring.

Personal Reflection: I chose this profession because I like helping others and being able to help sick people is a great way to help others. My mom is a nurse and loves her job, so I figured I would love it also. Being able to help heal the sick is great gift to give others. Also It’s a commonly-known fact that nurses have a lot of flexibility in their schedule which I would like to have.


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