ASTSWMO Special Newsletter Good news in the time of Covid-19

We are all struggling in our own ways during this trying time. We asked our members to brighten all of our days by sending us news of good things that are happening in their lives.

Our Furry Friends

Ed Thamke is “Teleworking" in the Helena National Forest (Montana) with his pup.
Sandra Snyder's Granddaughter Carson and Puppy Gerry.
Eve Steers (Jeff Steers’ granddaughter), catching her first fish out on the pond. She and her mother know how to class up the sport of fishing with their fashion-ware.
Mark de Bie's COVID-19 pup, Hallie. Her first time to a beach (Dillon Beach), all physical distancing was maintained during the trip.
Amid COVID-19 (hence the mask), Judy Watkins acquired a new dog. She is the white one. A Havanese named Merida.
The Traynor Family got a German Shorthair Pointer on May 7th at 8 weeks. Indie, named after Indiana Jones because he was named after a dog, is now 4 months old and has been a lot of fun (and work). Very high energy.
Leo Traynor Staring down a Great Horned Owl.
Sarah Bargsten adopted Luna from the local shelter in January of this year.
Matt Jones's Cat, Mando. He joined the family (adopted) on March 9th, a perfect addition before COVID-19 really hit. He'll be a year old in August.


Adriel J. Nerys Rivera (Son of Wilmarie Rivera Otero), After graduating high school he will be attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City in order to get a BFA in Musical Theater.
Robert Webb (Son of April Webb), Graduated in the top 25 of his class. He was a Governor’s Scholar so his tuition has been covered for the University of Kentucky where he plans to major in Political Science and pre-Law. He participated in Mock Trial, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Academic Team, Beta Club, KUNA, and assisted the middle school mock trial team.
Ingrid Harris (Daughter of Monica Harris), Graduated May 23, 2020 from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Human Biology and a Minor in Classics. She plans to go to grad school to get her MS in Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology.
Julian A. Favors (Son of Sonja Favors), A Class of 2020 graduate from Opelika High School located in Opelika, Alabama. He has accepted a full scholarship to the prestigious Tuskegee University to play football. Mr. Favors plans to major in Psychology.
Lamar Opila (Son of Jennifer Opila), Graduated from high school in May. He will be attending the University of Wyoming in the fall and studying Natural Resources Management.
Ryan Crockett (Son of Chip Crockett), Graduated from Samford University with a Bachelors of Business Administration and Accounting.
Serena Traynor (Daughter of Eric Traynor), graduated 6th grade and moving on to 7th (hopefully in class). She received the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence for maintaining her high GPA from 1st through 6th grade at Lowell Elementary.
Kassidy Andrews (Daughter of Stephanie Andrews), graduated Summa Cum Laude this spring from Franklin College.


Eric Traynor and his wife Karla had their 14th anniversary on June 11th. Ivory is the traditional gift, so that was out of the question. Opal was a suggested substitute. There is an opal mine in Spencer, Idaho (eastern part of state) so Eric got her Idaho opal earrings.
Dania Rodriguez and her husband Paul Orgel celebrated their 11th anniversary on May 30!
Little Amy Marie Uhlemeyer was born during the COVID-19 crisis and spent some time quarantined in the hospital as a preemie. She’s 2.5m now, and small but healthy! Pictured here with her older brother Reggie, who begrudgingly accepts her.
Savannah Richards and her husband Jaben are expecting a baby GIRL at the end of October! What a crazy time to bring a child into the world! Everything is going great and she is super healthy.
Angela Vincent and partner Santiago Nocito in front of their new home.
Warren Engels celebrated his first birthday on April 4 and his first steps during quarantine.
During COVID-19, Tim Bahr's youngest son (Mickey) and Mickey's fiancé (Karenin) being sworn in April 2020, taking oath remotely after both passed the Florida bar exam.
During COVID-19, Tim Bahr's oldest son Michael and his wife Amy posing for picture after Zoom wedding in May 2020.
Maria Warner's daughters and niece at a family wedding.
Maria Warner and her niece at a family wedding.

Making Memories

Elisabeth and newly adopted puppy Josie watching Charles Reyes and Harrison put on a 4th of July fireworks show.
Mike’s motorized beer cooler is back in action after a brief hiatus due to some electrical issues. Now, Mike can keep up with his daughter Catherine when she rides in her pink Jeep.
Jill Hall's fun story. How to social distance in a pandemic on Union Lake, NJ.
Joel Fischer's extreme social distancing adventure up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.
Wild horses of Assateague Island.
Leo Traynor had his 10th birthday on May 31st. Had a small party with a jumpy house pool and cupcakes.
Ed Thamke Social Distancing in Montana.
TJ Gannon being socially distant from the boat driver.
Here is a snapshot of Mike Elster’s daughter, who absolutely loves to recycle!
Mike Elster assisted Georgia State Parks with a prescribed burn just before COVID-19 cut the fire season short. Mike is a new member of an Interagency Burn Team that focuses on increasing both habitat health and diversification of species. Mike is looking forward to helping out with more burns in 2021.
The Traynor Family did their annual Warm Lake camping trip. They had snow, rain, and then sun, Warm Lake was anything but.
Bridger Engels and his baseball team, WYCO, won the Father's Day Classic Baseball Tournament in Scottsbluff, NE for the age group 8u on June 21.


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