Cellular Respiration Caitlynn Moore

Chemical Formula = Glucose + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water + ATP. Or = C6H12O6 + 6 O2 --> 6 CO2 + 6 H2O. GLYCOLYSIS is the breaking down of glucose to create energy known as ATP. Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell. It occurs in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The Major inputs: glucose, NAD+, ATP, ADP & Pi. The Major Outputs: NADH, ADP & ATP. Overall it takes about 4 steps. In step 1, two phosphate groups attach to a glucose molecule, forming a new 6 carbon compound molecule. Step 2, the 6 carbon compound is split into two 3 carbon compounds. Step 3, the two molecules are oxidized and receives a phosphate group. In step 4, both phosphate groups are removed. This reaction produces two pyruvic acid molecules. The phosphate groups are combined with an ADP molecule. A total of four phosphate groups were added in step 1 and step 3, and produce ATP in the end.

KREBS CYCLE, aslo known as the Citric Acid Cycle occurs in the Mitochondria in most Eurkaryotes. This process requires oxygen.Inputs: CoA, NAD+, acetyl acid, 2 NAD+, ADP+P, FAD, NAD+. Outputs:CO2, NADH, CoA, 2 NADH, ATP, FADH, NADH, 4 c-molecules. It is a series of reactionsn that go around releasing electrons that will be used to phosphorylate ADP to produce ATP.

ELECTRONIC TRANSPORT CHAIN is an Aerobic process meaning that it requires oxygen. it happens in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. The process involves NADH and FADH which act as the electron transporters. The electron transport chain carries out oxidative phosphorylation, which accounts for most of the ATP generated by cellular respiration.

Cellular Respiration is important because it provides the necessary energy for organisms to do the proper functions and maintain life.

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