Holden Caufeild by Bryan harms

In J.D. Salinger's 1951 Novel The Catcher in the Rye. A High school student by the name of Holden Caufield has trouble accepting growing up, and learning to be an adult. He also sufferers from Bipolar disorder having many symptoms pointing towards him having Multiple manic and depressive episodes. In Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, Holden sufferers from Bipolar disorders exhibiting symptoms of manic and depressive episodes.

Holden's first symptom of People having a manic episode may have many symptoms such as ." feel "weird", increased activity levels, become more active than usual, be irritable, feel like their thoughts are going very fast" (NIMH). While Holden is in Pencey Prep he has a long Depressive episode ,"I just didnt want to hang around anymore it made me to sad and lonesome" (Salinger 51). And after getting the axe and having a fight with Stradlater he has a mood swing to a Manic episode ," i'd get the hell out of Pency, right that same night"(Salinger 51). For the first day or so in New York Holden is very active and moving around a lot, he doesn't sleep very much and has very fast thoughts.

The second symptom of Bipolar disorder is a depressive episode that Holden has towards the end of the book."Fell sad, think about suicide,have trouble sleeping, eat too little"(NIMNH). These are all Symptoms that holden experiences after he has been in New York for a few days. The event that triggers his change is mental state is when he gets beat up by Old Maurice,"Old Maurice had plugged me"(Salinger 104). Because he was beat up he thinks about killing himself,"What i really felt like though, was killing myself"(Salinger 104). This is a big sign that he is having a depressive episode. And because his mood has changed, the following night he doesn't sleep much, showing even more that he is depressed,"I didn't sleep too long"(Salinger 105). Over the next few days he experienced hallucinations, he eats very little, gets drunk, and is very easily saddened by many things. furthermore pointing towards a Depressive Episode.

In J.D. Salinger's The Cather in the Rye, Holden caulfield Suffers from Bipolar disorder exhibiting symptoms of manic and depressive episodes. Many symptoms point towards holden having a manic episode, such as irritability, fast thoughts,increase in activity. While Holden is in new York he dose many things each day and goes all over the city, and had ing, little sleep, food, and suicidal thoughts are all signs of a depressive episode.

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