The Little Big History of Tattooing BY:Simon Benson

Why is it important?

Tattooing is important because it increases the Economy. Tattooing increases the Economy because it increases the amount of spending. Also some people feel the need to add art to their body. By having businesses that do it legally and probably.

The begginging

One of the first tattoos ever discovered

Tattooing was original used for expecting mothers and acupuncture and also as a status symbol. When a mother was pregnant tattoos were put on her abdomen and groan in a net pattern so while the baby grows the "basket" grows with the belly and is supposed to ward of bad omens. Acupuncture tattoos were used so the "doctor" could easily do their job. Status symbols were also used as tattoos as well. Mostlry women have been found with these ancient status symbols on their hands, thighs, and faces.


The art of tattooing corresponds with thresholds 1,3,6,8

Threshold 1

Tattooing connects with Threshold 1 because it needs the Universe to start for tattooing to exist.

Threshold 3

Tattooing connects with Threshold 3 due to the fact of the creation of new elements. With these new elements tattooing is possible.

Threshold 6

Tattooing corresponds with Threshold 6 because with the collective learning of mankind new arts were created like pottery, painting, and of course tattooing.

Threshold 8

Tattooing also connects with Threshold 8 because this is were tattooing was refined and created into machine used and new beautiful art work.

Where did it begin?

Tattooing started in Western Asia and Northeastern Africa around the Fertile Crescent.

Why is it NECESSARY?

Artist-Toby Benson

The art of tattooing is necessary because of the people who feel that the want a work of art to stay with them for their entire lives. Or if they want to have a matching piece of art with a friend or significant other to show their commendation for each other.

How it works

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