The Qin and the Han Dynasties How do GOVERNMENTS change?

Qin Shihuangdi had a large goal: to organize and strengthen the country.

In early China, people made paper one sheet at a time from hemp or rag pulp. This modern artist (left) makes paper the ancient way. Today's paper mills (right) manufacture huge rolls of paper on machines like this one.

Acupuncture is based on finding pressure spots in the human body to help ease pain. Chinese doctors detected certain places on the body that correspond to spots on the foot. Needles can be applied to these spots to help ease pain.

A censor is an official who watches others for correct behavior.

Currency is something, such as coins or paper money, that is used as a medium of exchange.

Civil service is the administrative service of a government.

A tenant farmer is a farmer who works land owned by someone else and pays rent in cash or as a share of the crop.

Acupuncture is a Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to treat disease or relieve pain.

Qin built the first Great Wall of China.

The Silk Road allowed the transport of expensive goods.


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