November News from Bread and Water for Africa® Esther Ndichafah, Harvest Time, Giving Tuesday, and more!

Hope Services’ Esther Ndichafah: Our ‘Mother Teresa of Cameroon’

It is not far-fetched to describe Bread and Water for Africa® partner Esther Ndichafah, founder and director of our longtime partner Hope Services Ministry International, as the “Mother Teresa of Cameroon.”

We know of no one who has done more for those most in need in her impoverished country whose clinics have provided free and low-cost health care to some 100,000 Cameroonians – especially young mothers with infants and for those whose lives are saved from easily treatable, but potentially fatal, diseases.

In addition, Esther has worked diligently to provide thousands of orphaned and destitute children in Cameroon and Chad with an education – their only pathway to success and out of a life of dire poverty – during our 10-year partnership through a support program which pays the school fees, purchases required school uniforms, and more, all made possible only through the support of people like you.

All of us at Bread and Water for Africa® commend Esther and are constantly amazed by how much she is able to accomplish for thousands of mothers and babies who are today happy and healthy and the children who are filled with hope for a bright future – all made possible thanks to her, and our supporters.

Tractor for Sierra Leone: Helping to Alleviate Food Insecurity in the Impoverished Country

In Sierra Leone, the soil and growing conditions are ideal for large-scale farming. But people are starving because of a lack of farming equipment necessary to cultivate large tracts of land which tragically lay fallow.

However, thanks to our supporters, this fall we were able to ship a pre-owned, factory certified Ford 5030 tractor and accessories to our partner there, Faith Healing Development Organization, which operates a 100-acre farm.

The tractor will make a huge difference in the efficiency of the farming operation and result in a significant increase in harvests year after year. That translates into more food on the tables of families and into the bellies of hungry children. We are very grateful to our partners Arms Around Africa and the Royer Family Foundation.

Harvest Time is Now in sub-Saharan Africa

And speaking of farming, right now it’s harvest time throughout sub-Saharan Africa including the countries where we support farming operations to Baraka Farm in Kenya which provides food and support to the Lewa Children’s Home, to the small holder farmers who subsist on what they can grow on their own tiny tracts of land.

Here in the United States, we are blessed with an abundance of food available at the local grocery store, but that is not the case for millions of Sierra Leoneans who rely on what they are able to harvest for themselves, and what they can purchase at the local market.

Thanks to people like you, families in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Zambia are benefiting from agricultural programs supported by Bread and Water for Africa® which not only ensures that they have at least one filling meal day, but money in their pockets with the little surplus they are able to sell.

Giving Tuesday this November 27

Giving Tuesday, an internationally-celebrated day when people are encouraged to give to those less fortunate on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, falls on November 27 this year. Working together, Hope Services, with assistance of the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® have constructed a clinic in Douala, Cameroon, On Giving Tuesday, we are asking for your help in raising $20,000 to outfit it with the necessary equipment and supplies. Thank YOU!

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