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Projects 2020

Coming soon: ‘Opera Hands’ Music Video For Rossini’s ‘Barber of Seville’ Overture.

“A man, torn apart by a thousand different voices”

Drawing on the beliefs of Dryden and Purcell that the Pythagorean spheres cure ‘madness’ and ‘rage’. This dramaturgical interpretation of Music For A While considers mental health, the ways in which we seek peace with the voices we hear inside that promote rage, doubt and anxiety. Oedipus questions ‘How can these torrents of emotion be stilled and reasoned and restored’. Alecto’s snakes' heads dropping suggest a passing of time, we consider how sometimes it is only with time and accepting our internal states of chaos, that we are able to find stillness and restored peace with the music within us. Drawing on Satre’s concept of Absurdism, ‘Man is an evolved animal in an ‘anti human’ universe’ we consider the depths our psyche travels to seek reason and release in this world. Finding the solution is often in making peace with the music in our own minds, for a while.”

‘Music For A While’ By Henry Purcell. Arrangements By Meili Li. Singer & Performer Meili Li. Sound Recording and Editing by M.Li. Filming By Li & Wise. Director & Video Editor R.Wise

Postponed January 2021.
Fashion Film Collaboration Hamburg: 2020 Autumn Winter Collection.
“Welcome to the Arts Explained podcast, in each bite size episode we look at a different aspect of the arts in relation to theories, practice, research, philosophy, movements and roles within the arts. We are Rachel and Frances. Frances is an actor, Writer and Comedian, she is training as a drama therapist and studies mental health in artists. Rachel is a movement director, educator and maker of theatre and opera. She is training as an intimacy coordinator and collaborates with international artists. Frances bakes and plays the ukulele, Rachel draws nude bodies and grows plants.” Guests include; researchers in mental health and inclusivity in the arts, librettists, film makers, academics, screenplay writers, well being practitioners, inclusivity artists, directors, creators, opera singers and actors. Our first episode is on Laughter Yoga with Lotte Mikkelsen from Laughter Yoga UK.
Recording from Pilot Episode 1. Available on Morley Radio.
The Sun Inside A film by Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Conceived by Luca Silvestrini Created by Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini Filmmaker Roswitha Chesher Composer Andy Pink and 152 Participants from around the world who have been invited to film ‘their sun inside’. ‘While adapting to a new life, we have been searching for and following the sun inside our homes; through windows and doors, in our gardens, front door steps and balconies, rays of sunlight have been framing spots of comfort and reflection, creating shadows and other intricate designs.’ Luca Silvestrini.
Guidance for action as choreographers and artists. Other resources and guidance to working together: Equity Safe Space Statement and Intimacy on Set Guidelines by Intimacy on Set UK.
The 12 Hour Lab. Choreographic Lab & Film. August 2020. Produced by Sussex Dance Network Fundes by Arts Council England. In collaboration with academic Christy Adair, Musician and Composer Ian Gottlieb and Videographer Ruby Gadsby. Producer Lisa Sang. Movement/ Director Rachel Wise. Link to vlog and resources coming soon. Launching 27th July 2020.
Morley College Penny Lectures: How do we use Laughter. & The Development of Movement Direction in Theatre. Available online Autumn 2020.
Online courses In China: Beginners Guide to European Contemporary Dance. 2020. Details Available on WeChat.
Intimacy. Movement and breath for film. Performance as research collaboration with Choreographer Rosie Terry Toogood. 2020.
Leeds Playhouse
Leeds Playhouse. 2020. Dr Korczak’s Example. Photography by @ZoeMartin. Gemma Barnett as Stephanie.
OBSVTN. J26 Photography collaboration.
OBSVTN. Collaboration with J26.

Collaboration with J26 Photography. Exploring Intimate moments. Future Projects: Short Film, shot 2019 for potential release 2021.

Showreel featuring a selection of work for film/ from live performances. 2018- 2019.

Website: www.rachelwise.co.uk——————————————————-For More Pictures & Videos: Instagram page @ rachelwisemovement——————————————————Work Together: Movement Direction. Tutition. Choreography. Workshops. Community Projects. OutdoorLaughingYoga. Expressive Breath. Expressive Movement. Site Specific.
Both Barrels Theatre Fundraiser. November 2019.
Event at RAA. Social Dancing Fundraiser. 2019.
Excited to Announce new dates for new courses at Morley College, Autumn / Winter 2020 in London. Available both online and limited spaces available in the studio.
How do our bodies Emote and Express. How do we use this to communicate and empathise regardless of language around the world. I harvest Physical Stories, rituals, cultural dances, communication and expressive moments to explore in movement terms: What it is to be human.
Short Immersive Opera. Was Es Ist. 2019. Warning: The exhibition is live. Do not feed or touch the exhibition

Was Es Ist- A Dystopian Immersive Short Opera. Humanity has evolved. One Specimen Human remains. Attend the immersive exhibition to learn about human nature as it is subjected to experiments. Experience it’s thoughts and memories as it is subjected to stimulations. This exhibition offers an insight into the constitution of humans and their species demise.

R & D for Short Dystopian Opera. Was Es Ist. 2019.
Movement Workshops: See website for up and coming workshops www.rachelwise.co.uk
2019: Peking University Masterclasses and Workshops. Movement for Film & Movement, Music and the Breath- Improvisation Workshops.
Click Button below to go to the link for the workshop review.
Gianni Schicchi. Lunchbreak Opera. 2019.
Still From Film Half Plate 2019. Official Selection, Barcelona International Film Festival. Eurasia International Film Festival. Iranian International Film Festival.
Ashurbanipal. Catharsis Theatre. 2019.
‘Touch’ The Exploration, 2019 Workshops. What is Touch? A Transfer of energy. A Communication. A Transition. An Interaction.
Summery of Summer 2019. A short round up and entry into creative inspirations.

Summer 2019 consisted of galleries, walking, collaborations, writing and exhilarating theatre and opera. Here are few things that excited, ignited and inspired me.

Sculpture & Art: The Sculpture of Pluto & Proserpine, Castle Howard, York- captures in motion the story of Pluto abducting Prosperpine, the recommissioned statue at Castle Howard addresses despair, struggle and restraint. Detailing in sculpture has been a theme of this summer. I have always been excited by the form of the human in movement and the expression caught in the motion. The Rodin exhibition, London offered an exploration into movement with sculpture for Movement Directors and Collaborators, led by Ayse Tashkiran and Vanessa Ewan in 2018. The Rodin sculptures exhibited in Berlin, 2019 offered more of a pensive approach to form and expression, these ignited for me thought into gesture, it’s origins and semantics.

The Tate Modern’s exhibitions of Barbara Kruger, Marian Rechmaoui, Mitch Epstein and Joseph Beuys. All created stimulus for my play ‘Climate’ written in response to the news and environmental changes in 2019.
Movement in Space. A Stimulus from Yorkshire Sculpture Park. David Smith Exhibition. 2019.

Theatre: The movement and transitions by Imogen Knight in Michael Longhurst’s ‘Europe’ at The Donmar were an exciting spectacle. The movement demonstrating the testosterone bravado formed the sense of community, whilst Knight explored inventive transitioning through scenes with set and scenery. In ‘the end of history’ by John Tiffany at The Royal Court Theatre, the passing of time was demonstrated with Steve Hoggert’s seamless movement, references back to every day gestures enhanced the sentiment of the piece. It took me back to the feelings of returning home over the past decade, recognising that despite changes we always return to the same habits in a familiar space. In contrast, the immersive ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Nicholas Hytner at The Bridge Theatre provided an areal movement spectacle by A. Phillips and J. Cousins, with Puck seamlessly leaping between B. Christie’s magical moving set. The stage management were exemplary, smoothly transitioning the audience into various staging formations to facilitate movement of the piece and encouraging eager participants into a conga line and circles to skip around the space.

Image from Cardiff- A stimuli for current project ‘Small Change’. Offering a lens on people in motion, going about their lives. I’m interested in capturing functional movements in transitions. Current exploration: how mundanity of life and repeated gestures mask emotional and mental well being.

London: June- July. 2018. Creative Performance Art Project. “Fluid”


Our connection to water, ability to mould and adapt. What are we really made of?

Questioning existentialism through the body. Collaborating as Movement Dramaturg with choreographer Rosie Terry Toogood to explore with the performers organic, inquisitive and honest expression and emotion, as they delve into continuum movement and expressive breathing fluid bodies.

Huddersfield: May- October. 2018. Community Project “Aspire”


Aspire: Verbatim Physical Theatre community project inquiring into recording heritage and history through physicality and spoken word. Recorded through movement films of hands, devised physical theatre and Recorded interviews.

The creative devising workshops explore the individuals journeys, their connections to the place and their physical connections to the areas textile history and heritage.

Background Photo by JORGE LOPEZ .

Global: Ongoing Research and Development. “Humans Emote”

Mass collective expressive movement in public spaces around the world. For the audience to feel, witness and experience. An inquiry into mass movement and expressive, accessible, site specific art.

Humans Emote. Stills from Mumbai 2018.
London 2018: Still from Photographer J26 during Art Collaboration. “The Observation” Obeserving emotion and expression in the body through the lens.
............................Humans.Emote................................Exploring how emotion, physical experience, breath and movement can express, communicate individuals stories and heal. Combining laughing yoga with movement and breathing techniques to cultivate expression and connect human experiences. This experimental project started in India in 2018 with a group of actors. We created a short movement film in the context of a utopian world; Where it is socially normal to physically express emotion you would usually suppress in public spaces, during a day to day, repetitive, mundane routine..................................................................................................Background Photo by RIoji Iwata.

Human Emote Project Development

Open to research & development and possible future collaborators/ funding opportunities to actualise this work. There are numerous health, both mental and physical well being benefits to investing in expanding the way in which we encounter public art. This expressive flash mob could bridge the gap between improving public mental, physical and social well being and pushing the boundaries of performance public art in public spaces. I hope to expand mass movement laughter emotion flash mobs to become part of social well being, where people gather together at the beginning and end of a day in public spaces, move and release emotion in large public groups.

China: July- October 2018. The Beijing Music Festival. Orfeo.

An immersive interactive site specific opera for the BMF directed by Shuang Zou, set in a Chinese wedding. Connect with the characters through the physical interaction, dance, drink and roam around freely as the tragedy unfolds.

Greek Chorus Reharsal Movement Warm up Notation.

Background Photo by Jimmy Chang.

Short Film: Half Plate. Directed By Emeara. Film Festivals 2018- 2019. Movement Direction and Initmate Scenes Dramaturgy. Officially Selection: Barcelona Iternational Film Festival. Euroasia International Film Festival. Iranian International Film Festival.
International. Collaborative Project. Pilot Episode One- ‘Out of Milk’. Concept based on real life experiences of four women working in India’s film industry. Details Coming Soon.
Global: What it is to be Human: ..........MovementAroundTheWorld..............................................APhysicalMemory...................................An ongoing mission to record, study and savour cultural and ritual movement practices I encounter around the world. What connects us as humans? Why do we have ritualistic movements? Where do they originate? How are they developing?And how do we preserve these physical heritages in bodies passing down from generation to generation within this globally saturated digital world.
The Play Shed Theatre: Workshops to be announced.
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Research: Group Movement, Healing and Breath. - The Global Villager. Read more in my Published Article in Emerging Fitness Physiotherapy Magazine Sept 2018 “Move. Laugh. Heal.”
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