Domino's Pizza by: Jana W, nouf, and leila

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1. Below are the prices for a medium 2-topping pizza, and a medium 4-topping pizza from Domino's. How much do you think Domino's is charging for each topping, and how much would you expect to pay for a plain cheese pizza?

For each topping - $1.49 For the regular cheese pizza - $10.99

2. Write an equation you could use to determine the price of a pizza for a given number of toppings. Then graph it. If you ordered your favorite medium pizza, how much would you expect to spend?

Equation: 10.99 + 1.49x = T


Our favorite pizza would be the Krusty Krab Pizza: 2 toppings

Equation: 10.99 + 1.49(2) = $13.97

3. If you double the number of toppings that you order, do you pay twice as much for the pizza? Why or Why not?

No, the price of the pizza is not doubled, because the whole pizza is not doubled. Only the toppings or $1.49 is doubled. If one topping is ordered 1.49 + 10.99 dollars = the price of the pizza in total, but the doubled price of the toppings makes: 2.89 + 10.99.

Pizza Tracker

4. Write an equation for the price of a small Domino's pizza, and an equation for the price of a large Domino's pizza. Of the three sizes, which has the highest cost per topping, and why might this be? The lowest base price?

Equation for Small Pizza: 8.99 + 1x = T

Equation for Large Pizza: 12.99 + 1.69x = T

The highest cost, of the three sizes, would be the Large. As the dough takes up more space, more toppings are added. Also, according to the information above, the toppings' price increases as the pizza gets larger, along with the price of the base pizza too. So overall, the large pizza has the highest cost.

5. Graph the equations for the small and large pizzas. If you had 20$, what is the maximum number of toppings you could order in each size - small, medium, large - and which would you choose?


Large - Black . Small - green


8.99 + 1x = T

8.99 + 1x = 20

x = 11.01 11 toppings


10.99 + 1.49x = T

10.99 + 1.49x = 20

1.49x = 9.01

x = 6.04 6 toppings


12.99 + 1.69x = T

12.99 + 1.69x = 20

1.69x = 7.01

x = 4.14 4 toppings

So, with 20 dollars, the maximum amount of toppings on the small pizza would be 11 toppings. On the medium pizza, the maximum amount of toppings with 20 dollars is 6 toppings. Lastly, on the large pizza, the maximum amount of toppings with 20 dollars is 4 toppings. As you can see the larger the pizza, the less toppings could be bought. This is because more of the money is used on the bas pizza price than the toppings.

I would choose the large pizza because I could benefit even more with the size of the base pizza, and most people don't order more than 4 toppings.

6. Look at the graph of how much Domino's really charges for pizza in Washington, D.C. How is the actual situation different than what you expected...and why do you think Domino's does this?

I think that the difference in this graph on the real situation differs because Domino's decided - after 4 toppings - to keep the price of the whole pizza the same, as there is a straight line after that on the graph.

I think that Domino's does this as a deal. One of the reasons that I think Domino's did this is because no one would pay more than 20 dollars for a pizza. For it starts to get more expensive. Another reason the Domino's decided to do this is because, people usually do not order more than 4 toppings on their pizza. Therefore, the people who do, could pay the same amount. The last reason could be, that as more customers buy, deals could start. So this graph is showing the deal or offer to buy as many toppings or any pizza you want with at least 4 toppings for 20 dollars all the time.


Created with images by tomsbrain - "10 days without a kitchen. Trying out a double #pepperoni #chorizo #mexicano stuffed crust (that's cheese, garlic, and chillies) #dominos - surprisingly got it for £8 thanks to a voucher code. I think I might save half for tomorrow, it's filling, and that"

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