November Blues Sharon M. Draper

The Setting of the story is in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school the teens go to is Fredrick Douglass High School.
November just lost her boyfriend, Josh, to a fraternity accident that went wrong. Two months after the freak accident November realizes she is pregnant. Now she has to deal with the stress of telling her mother, dealing with her social life, and her future as a teen mom. Will she be able to handle it?
Jericho just witnessed the death of his cousin, Josh. He goes through the days blaming himself for what happen. Jericho stops what he loves, which is playing the trumpet as a punishment for himself. Will he ever cope with the death of his cousin?
November is terrified of telling her mother she is pregnant. He mother had high hopes of November going off to school when she graduates. How will her mother react?
After Jericho decides he no longer wants to play the trumpet, he decides to play football. He wants the physical pain from football to the mask the emotional pain he is feeling on a daily basis. Will this help Jericho?
After November told her mother, she went to Jericho's house to tell him the news. How will Jericho react to November being pregnant? Will he step in as a father figure to the child?
After the news spread about November being pregnant with Josh's child. His parents approach November with a proposition. If she allows them to adopt the baby after its born, they will cover her financial expenses from college all four years? Will she let the Prescott's adopt the baby? Or will she keep it?
November went into labor at seven months on the road 65 miles from a hospital. Will November be okay? Will the baby survive?
The theme of this be careful with the choices you make, because they could not only affect you and your future, but also the people around you.
I personally loved the book. It reflects what could happen when teenagers make poor decisions.


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