Sheep Population Chase and Jack r

The sheep started to increase slowly then rapidly went straight up, then is leveled out because it ran out of resources and it reached carrying capacity.
The Wolves prey is the Sheep as the Wolves population increases their will be more hunted sheep which means the population will increase for the wolves, and will fall for the Sheep.
Drought could cause emigration. Because not enough grass to feed on so they would have to different areas causing a drop in population.
Density-Independent does not effect the sheep like some other animal. Due to there large wooled coat cold weather does not bother them. But sometime sheep get heat stress because they are less tolerable than most animals.
Some Density-dependent factors for sheep would be availability to food. Also decease in a flock could bring down the population of the sheep.
Reproducing is important and increase with the amount of resources. Including food and a place where the baby sheep would not get harmed. The population would increase with more births.

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