Good Life Play:The Devine Margaret Desrosiers

The Spatial Experience: Before coming to this play I didn't know that this space existed to it was cool to see. Although the auditorium wasn't that large the stage and use of the space was done well. I was sitting in the back right corner and although my experience would have been different if I was sitting in the front row I think because the space wasn't super large you were able to have a good view of the stage from any seat. As the lights dimmed I though the way they made it look like it was raining was a cool transition into the play and a good way to make the audience quiet down and be ready for the show. The environment can play a large roll in the good life and I felt comfortable and relaxed in the theater which made me be able to appreciate the performance.
The Social Experience: At first I was sitting with strangers because I didn't think I knew anybody attending the performance but I ended up running into my friend and we sat together. Attending with friends enhanced my experience because I think everything is made better with friends and being a social person that doesn't like to be alone being with someone i knew made me more relaxed and excited to see the performance. Shared experiences are very important in the good life and having other people with you can make an experience more enjoyable because it makes you feel like you are a part of something.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play was based in Quebec city in the early 1900's. The play's themes were oppression, the horrible conditions of the factory, the importance and affect of art in our lives, and poverty. I wasn't aware about the subject matter before attending the show so it was shocking. The performance was done well and made me more aware of the topics covered although it doesn't relate to me specifically.
The Emotional Experience: By seeing events like the ones portrayed in the Devine the audience is able to better understand what happened and when you see something portrayed live it can create a cleansing experience. The play allowed hard subjects to be brought to light so that they wouldn't be forgotten and people could have discourse about the topics. The performance opened my eyes and I was able to empathize with the characters although I don't relate to the situations presented.

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