The Future of Communication in the Next 20 Years? Gajanth, Mathav, Shanchayan, Zeyadh, Togashan, Toni

How has communication technology evolved and what would the future of communication be like in the next 20 years in all aspects of communication such as privacy for example? At one point in time, the telegraph was used to send messages along great distances. In the present time, we use cell phones to communicate along great distances. Now thinking about the future, technological advances such as holograms could be used to make face to face contact with any person and make it feel like the person is actually there in proximity to you. Certain advances in current day communication technology will set in stone the way we communicate in the future.

Communication is a simple process of transferring/ Conveying information from one place to another.

Suggestion We would look at current communication technologies and assess what further improvements they could make.

Step Research about current communication technologies such as cellphones, laptops, and social networking and research about what new technology can be incorporated into them to enhance the communication process.

Suggestion We would look at current technological breakthroughs and incorporate them into current communication technologies.

Step Look at new technological developments such as holograms and how they can be used to communicate with others.

Suggestion Educate the users about the consequences of using or sharing information on internet in terms of privacy.

Step Host presentations and show real life examples on the mistakes that people make. Show people what it can lead to in terms of legal issues and personal life issues as well.

Proposal Communication technology has been evolving rapidly in the last decay, starting from face to face communication to virtual communication. We have been able to achieve many advantages through an appropriate and solid communication due to having various forms of connections. In terms of business, many companies were able to establish a successful operations all around the world due to a well-constructed and variety of communication methods. Nevertheless one of the main concerns that arises is privacy. The more communication evolves through technology the question arises; Are we losing our privacy? Through educating users and enforcing suitable laws we would be able to achieve successful communication and secure our privacy.

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