ME MYSELF & I Amos Tan

who am i? i am someone who have a high expectation of myself and want to do well in everything that i do, someone who give up because of one failure,i also try to help people in cca/classroom but i am also someone who has very less confidence in himself.

people close to me?:Tomo ashogan hui wen krishnan kier

things i enjoy doing and why?i enjoy going out with my friends or classmates because during school time we may not interact with one another much but by going out or hang out with them give me more time to interact with them. i also enjoy building lego i like building normal size lego or even the miniature version because i like building things with my hand, and why i like it so much because at first you have many random pieces and when you build it the end result is a completed lego.

my personal value:comitment , never give up and persevere

what i hope for the future:i hope that mayflower secondary school will still get the NPCC gold award every year and will still be the best not only cca wise also acedemic wise aswell. i hope that i can go to poly after ITE and maybe university after that.i hope NPCC will still be a part of my life

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