Professor Interview dr. William McWhorter

Interview notes


Dr. McWhorter is my chemistry 1010 professor. This is his first year teaching, but this is not his first time spending daily time on Clemson's campus because he was an undergraduate student here where he studied chemistry. He went on to graduate school where he focused on organic chemistry and from there he worked with various companies, including a pharmacutical company, doing research. After Dr. McWhorter "semi-retired" he decided he wanted to get involved with academics so he applied to various teaching positions in the upstate, close to his hometown of Spartanburg, SC.

Chemistry has always been a passion for Dr. McWhorter. He used to do various experiments in his basement including trying to make gunpowders and such. He says that he has always been successful and interested in chemistry and his teachers in school encouraged him to pursue a career in chemistry. In high school Dr. McWhorter did not enjoy linguistic classes and he even said he believes he made an F in French class. Despite this, Dr. McWhorter was still able to learn the languages of the various countries he has lived in over seas.

When asked if there was any advice Dr. McWhorter had for students to succeed he said "there is no substitute for hard work." He says that many of the great opportunities that he has received has come from teachers and other superiors, so having a good relationship with people like this is very important. Hard work and determination will ultimately get you to where you want to be.


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