The equipment you for football's pads legs pads cleats because the pads will help with safety for shoulders. when you get hit also, helmets help with safety to your head if get a connection protect , (make so can’t have injury)head. and legs pads help with low hits. and cleats(shoes with points metal or not that dig the ground) help with running you can get a grip to run on field.

gear needed to play takle football

Uniforms and Clothing

If you play football you need a team with uniforms to match your teammates.In fact, you need to have a team color(s)

As well, as looking neat and like a team but to finish the look you can’t just wear a T-shirt and pants you need to jerseys and girdles but girdles have a big reason girdles are pads that go into short/pant thing it has spots to put in pads including hips,knees,thighs, and buttocks.That is the unifrom you need to play football

uniform fot the nfl and ncaa

The offense positions

There many position to play as are all there very important

there is a offense (team football that try to get touchdown) therefore,as a defense.We are talking about the offense now the

halfback ,fullback ,running back, tight end wide receiver Center,2 Guards,2 tackles,tr,rb,QB all of these positions have reasons. Like center the centers job is to hand off the ball to QB when the QB says hut. The 2 Guards (jobs are to defend the QB get from plowed to the ground).An the 2 tackles (defend the defensive ends from coming through or around while), tight end (will either block. Try to get open for a pass) and the wide receiver ( job is to block a run or toss to outside or most of time get open to catch a pass) but fullback and halfback (almost do the same thing but they do a lot they defend the QB catch passes run the ball) and the QB the (QB can run the ball throw without him. How could you play couldn’t pass run you couldn’t play.)

offense postions


The defense is a big deal sometimes they will be the game winning by block touchdowns getting pick 6s(ball throw caught by enemy team and ran a touchdown ) fumbles(ball carrier hit so hard they drop the ball) stripes(ball carrier got the ball stole taking from him)

still, barley blocks field goals the positions like the cornerback the cornerback tackle intercept block,2 tackles (the tackle's job is to crash back and sack the QB yes there is 2 tackles on defense as well as offense but then, offensive tackle cover the defensive end),2 defensive ends (the 2 defensive ends either try and sack the QB or back up and help the coverage),middle linebacker (the middle linebacker's job is to rush up the middle or drop back at coverage),left outside linebacker (this linebacker will rush around the left as the middle linebacker or the left outside linebacker will also drop back for coverage), right outside linebacker (the right outside linebacker this linebacker will come around the right side to sack the QB or he will drop back for coverage),strong safety (the strong safety will play deep coverage),free safety (this one dose all most same thing play deep coverage)

defense positions


Need to stay in bounds and to not push after whistle and to not yell at the officials and don’t play dirty(to hit someone in the knees or to be rude)Don’t hold other people or illegal hits or unnecessary ruffness if you do you cost your team yards like 5 yards 10 yards 15 yards or a turnover

rules needed to play football correct

How to Win!

Use strategies to intercepted the ball fumble the run the pass the ball at good times to win the game.


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