Under the sea week Week 4 in mommy school

Today was the start of week four of mommy school! I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by. So this week’s theme is all about “under the sea”. We’ll be coloring, painting and feeling our way through the ocean. Be sure to check out the links for worksheets and get your free copy of each. So without further ado, I present “Under the Sea” week.

Day 1

Today I was obviously not completely prepared, as I forgot to pick up a blue tablecloth. Oh well, at least I had a pink one on hand. I called it “girly under the sea”! We started out with our normal morning routine of calendar time, the Pledge of Allegiance, and journaling. We then used our sight word worksheet to learn the word “my” today. During this time, Emilee played with our Melissa & Doug fish puzzle. She enjoyed pulling the pieces out and trying to put them back in. Eventually she discovered that it was more fun to throw the pieces in the floor!

I had a good many worksheets for Paislee to do today. Most came from our own workbooks, but I did print a few out. One of the printed ones came in this pack and focused on a certain number. These are really great number worksheets! They include an array of different tasks, like trace the number, color the correct number of pictures, and place the correct number of stickers on the paper. This is definitely a worksheet we’ll be using again!

Emilee kept busy coloring on a paper plate while Paislee finished her worksheets. Today’s book was called Commotion in the Ocean. This is a super cute and colorful book with rhymes.

We also pulled out a book I had picked up quite some time ago called Big Book of My World. It has many basic things for children to learn, such as foods, animals, colors, etc. It’s also very colorful and fun for small children. Today we done a fun look and find on the “out at sea” page. Emilee also enjoyed flipping through the books while waiting on Paislee to finish up.

Paislee’s last activity was a fun coloring board I found at Dollar Tree! I gave her the option to use markers or paint, and surprisingly she chose markers. I thought she would love this, but only a minute or 2 into coloring she was ready to stop. I started to color with her and she immediately wanted to keep coloring. After we finished our picture, we watched an episode of The Magic School Bus called “Takes a Dive”. We also watched an episode from our Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion DVD.

Day 2

Today we continued our journey through the sea. We started with our journal, calendar board, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Today’s sight word was “we”. We used our normal worksheet to enforce this word. After that, we started right in on our other worksheets. I pulled some from our workbooks and only used one printed worksheet from this pack. It focused on tracing around an octopus.

While Paislee was finishing up her worksheets, Emilee had fun playing with a shark I had made. I used an empty baby wipes container and decorated it like a shark. I then let her feed the shark little pom poms. This was another example of me putting in time to create something, and it quickly becoming pushed aside. She also enjoyed tearing off the teeth and eyes! Oh well, it was cute while it lasted. It did keep her entertained for a few rounds of feeding and emptying the shark though.

I was so excited to read a new Usborne book from the Shine-A-Light series called Secrets of The Seashore. If you haven’t checked these books out yet you should! I have more about Usborne and our favorites in this post. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the Usborne books, and this one was no exception. We had fun shining our flashlight behind the pages to reveal hidden images. We also read Tickly Octopus today.

The final activity was painting a shell I made from a paper plate. She picked out the colors she wanted, and started painting away.

We finished it all up with an episode of The Magic School Bus called “Goes Upstream”. We also watched another episode from our Cat in The Hat: Ocean Commotion DVD.

Day 3

Today we started as usual. After our normal morning routine, we dove right into fun. I made Emilee a special sensory bag out of blue PowerAde and small rocks. I simply filled the zip bag and placed it on her tot tray. Halfway through playing, it started leaking a little, so I double bagged it and added in a few whale crackers for another fun element. The only downside is that they started to get soggy after a few minutes. Either way, this was a fun activity for her, plus she actually enjoyed it for more than a minute!

Paislee only used worksheets from our own workbooks today. She had some on coloring, tracing, cutting and pasting.

We went on to read Dolphin Baby and Swimmy. Both books we checked out from our local library. Emilee enjoyed flipping through them while we waited on Paislee to finish her worksheets.

Paislee’s last activity was a look and find that I printed from here. I slid the paper into a page protector and she used a dry erase marker to circle and count the items.

Emilee done a little coloring while she waited for Paislee to finish her look and find.

We wrapped it all up with an episode of The Magic School Bus called, “Goes to Mussel Beach”. We also watched another episode from our Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion DVD.

Day 4

After our normal morning routine, we dove right in. I fixed Emilee two cups and whale crackers on her tot tray. She enjoyed moving them from cup to cup and dumping them out. In case you’re wondering, no she didn’t eat any. It was a great activity that kept her busy for quite a while.

Paislee started with a few worksheets. We used another number worksheet from this pack, and we used another tracing worksheet from this pack. We also pulled a few from our own workbooks.

Today’s book was Baby Whale’s Journey. As usual, Emilee enjoyed flipping through the pages while we waited on Paislee to finish her worksheets.

The last activity for Paislee was Play-doh. I just let her have freedom to make whatever she wanted to. Although I love the mats, sometimes it’s nice to not have them. She enjoyed squishing the Play-doh and making her own creations

We wrapped it all up with another episode from our Cat in the Hat: Ocean Commotion DVD

Day 5

Another week in mommy school has come to an end! Today, after our usual morning routine, we played a game to review all of the sight words we have learned since starting. Instead of taping them to the door, this week I just laid them on the table. As I called out each word, she would hit the correct one with her hand. She liked this game.

To get Emilee started, I poured the rest of the blue PowerAde from Day 3 into a small zip bag. This time it was cold from being refrigerated. She loved playing with this little bag, and it kept her entertained for a while!

Paislee did a few worksheets from our workbooks, plus a super cute cut and paste worksheet I snagged from here. This worksheet went along with A House for Hermit Crab, which was one of the books we read today. She had to cut each picture out and put it in the correct order in which it happened in the book.

We also read Mister Seahorse, which is another Eric Carle book. We absolutely love Eric Carle books! The colorful pictures in both books kept Emilee entertained while waiting on Paislee to finish her worksheets.

Paislee’s last activity was a sensory bin. For this, I filled up a plastic shoe bin with sand. I added in a few blue rocks and some of the whale crackers. She absolutely loved this activity and didn’t want it to end. This was the longest she’s spent on any activity so far! I told her we would keep it over the weekend so she could play with it some more. And that is how we wrapped up “under the sea” week!

Keep an eye out for our next week in mommy school! From a checkered table cloth, to yummy food, we’re going on a “picnic”!

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