Constitution Curation Lydia Bourdeau

Judicial Branch-

Overall the judicial branch determines if the Constitution is to allow certain laws to be passed. If the Supreme Court decides that a law being passed by Congress is not constitutional, then the law is considered unconstitutional and is typically erased.

* can reject laws if they find them unconstitutional

* judges laws made by the legislative branch

* interprets what laws mean

Legislative Branch-

The Legislative Branch includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The one Maine job for the legislative branch is to write the laws.

* passing laws which are judged by the judicial branch.

* they have the power to impeach officials.

* they can approve of treaties.

Executive Branch-

The head of the executive branch is the president of the United States.

*whose powers include being able to veto a proposal for a law.

*negotiate foreign treaties with other countries.

* appoints the judicial branch


Federalism is shared power between the central government and the states. If we didn't have any federalism and we were just a border on a map we wouldn't have much power.

With small states like Vermont federalism is a big help, because we're such a small state if federalism wasn't a thing we wouldn't have any power. Federalism makes every state have equal power.

CheCks & balances-

Checks and balances is a way to limit the power that the government has, or in this case it's a way to limit the power that the branches have.

How a bill becomes a law-

- A bill proposed by the majority of the legislative branch is passed along to the president whom can then sign the proposal to make it a law.

- If the law is passed on to the president and he chooses not to act on it, he doesn't veto it or sign it, the bill will become a law ten days after the president receives it.


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