The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. LAURA GÓMEZ 1ºBACH

Here is the second part of my work about Mark Haddon's book. There are two charts that contains from chapter 109 to chapter 191.


Numbers of chapters: 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, 139, 149, 151, 157, 163.
SETTING AND TIME: This part starts at school, the characters also go to the zoo. But the most important parts of this section happen at home.
NEW CHARACTERS: MOTHER- In this part, this character changes a lot. Mother isn't dead, she's living in London and she writes to Christopher every week. MELISSA BROWN- She's a girl at Chritopher's school that he hates. ROGER- It's Mr Shears' name. GRANDMOTHER- She appears for a second when Christopher names her.
NARRATOR: Christopher.
SUMMATY OF 50 WORDS: Christopher had a good memory and he wasn’t so sad about Mother and Mr Shears’. Christopher and Father argued because he found Christopher’s book and they hit each other. Father took Christopher to the zoo. Christopher found one letter from Mother and he started thinking that something mysterious was happening.
INTERESTING VOCABULARY: GRAB- To take hold of something or someone suddenly and hard. DHOLE- Indian wild dog that looks like a fox. LANGUR- A type of monkey. ENVELOPE- A rectangular paper container for a letter.
PERSONAL OPINION: The book is becoming more interesting. I'm starting to think about Mother, I think maybe she's not dead but I don't know why. I want to continue reading to see it.


NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: 167, 173, 179, 181, 191.
SETTING AND TIME: The most important part takes place in Father's bedroom. Actions in this section also happen in the garden, in Mrs Alexander's door and at unkown streets, when Christopher is searching the train station.
NEW CHARACTERS: EILEEN- It's Mrs Shears' name. UNCLE TERRY- He's Christopher's uncle but he doesn't like him. THE LADY AT THE STREET- She helps Christopher to go to the train station. She seems to be kind.
NARRATOR: Christopher.
SUMMARY OF 50 WORDS: Chtistopher read more letters and he discovered that Mother wasn’t dead. Father saw that he had read the letters. He told Chistopher all the truth, that Mother was in London with Roger and that he killed Wellington. Chistopher was confused and frightened about Father and he decided to go living with Mother.
INTERESTING VOCABULARY: PACIENT PERSON- A person who knows how to stay calm and isn't bad tempered. ARGUMENT- A disagreement between to or more people. MURDER- The action of intentionally killing a person or an animal. FRIGHTENED- The feeling of having fear about something or someone.
PERSONAL OPPINION: I like this book a lot, but it's true that sometimes I stopped reading it because I'm so sentimental and I'm sad about Father. I think he's kind and he loves Christopher a lot. I want a good end for him in the book.

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