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Open your eyes:

Here is a Digital image i created using multiple layers on Photoshop. Following a theme of "open your eyes". For my background i applied an image of cloudy skies that i captured one night when the sun was going down.

My first layer was an image of a huskies eye, i captured this image when i was doing a photoshoot of the dog and i liked the colour of the eye and thought it would look good as the models eye in this image. I applied this eye on top of the background of clouds created a mask and coloured back in the clouds and left the eye to the right side of the image where i knew the models eye on the second layer would be positioned .

My second layer is my model Kayleigh Mcharg, this image was a studio based shoot and i decided to do a half face, i placed layer number two on top of layer number one and applied a mask and painted through the blue from the eye onto the models eye on layer number two.

My final layer is again the husky eye but this layer was to get the pupil from the eye to apply onto layer number two. Turning down the opacity allowed me to see exactly were to position layer number three so the pupil was exactly in the centre of the eye. Creating a mask allowed me to paint back through layer number two so all that was left was the tiny pupil, turning the opacity back up to 100% brought through the pupil and gave me my finishing look.

The last of us

Here is a digital image using multiple layers on Photoshop. This image was to follow a theme " the last of us". This image is completed with 6 different layers. For my background layer i used an image of night clouds to create an empty space.

My first layer was my model Kayleigh, i created an image of her wearing a head piece and the way she was looking away in to the distance fitted well with my theme so i used her as my first layer. I positioned the model to the right hand side of the image and created a mask on layer 1 to paint back through the clouds from my background layer and painted around layer 1.

For my second layer i added in an image of rain that i had captured one night outside my property for this specific unit. To add this layer onto my image i scaled to fit the layer over the first two images and went to overlay to layer the rain onto the top of the two images already created.

Third layer i decided to add in some dark clouds and add a dark night look to the image. i never created a mask for the clouds i just scaled to fit and turned the opacity down a little to show the clouds slightly in the image.

I noticed the image looked a little empty and i decided to add a little lens flare into the image to give it some more extra detail. to do this i went to new layer- Filter- Render- Lens Flare. I then positioned the lens flare where i thought it would look best and it was the right decision as it gives the over all image a little more detail.

For my last layer i noticed the head piece that the model was wearing was looking a little bare so i added in some extra feathers on top of the headpiece that was already there. to do this i created a mask on the layer and positioned the head piece were i wanted it to go, once i was happy i painted back through the layer below and thats how i got my final image.

All the small things

Here is an image for my digital image unit using multiple layers on photoshop for the theme '"All the small things". for the background of this image i used a image of plain cream vinyl and a striped floor.

My second layer was an image of my daughter that i took of her while she was sitting down on her rocking chair looking at the photo album which is filled with all her baby photos. to add this layer to the background i copied and pasted the image on to the background layer, i then created a mask and painted back in the background layer.

For the rest of the layers i took multiple images of individual photographs that i had of beau as a baby, i copy and pasted each individual image and added them to the first layer one image at a time. I manipulated each image one at a time by blurring some images out and keeping the rest sharp. to make the images look real in the layer i used the warp tool to give them a little bend to get the warp tool i went to edit- transform- warp , for the closer images i wanted to give them a little blur look and to do this i went to Filter- Blur- Gaussian blur. and that gave me my over all image.

Rear view mirror

Here is an image for my theme "rear view mirror" for my digital imaging unit using photoshop. for my background layer i added in the original image of my mum on her wedding day.

For my second layer i took and image of me holding my mobile phone like i was taking an image, i copy and pasted this image onto the background layer and created a mask and painted back through the background layer around the mobile phone.

The third layer i added in a white background onto the mobile phone to erase the black screen that it had on it. to do this i copy and pasted the white background onto the second layer and placed the white background onto the phone and scaled it to fit. i created a mask to erase any white bit that i never wanted, by creating this mask i was able to paint back through the mobile phone edges from layer number two.

For my final layer i added the same image as my background layer and copy and pasted the image onto the layers and scaled the image to fit directly onto the phone screen. I created a mask and painted back through the phone on layer number two to paint in any mistakes that i made around the edges when applying the final layer.

My final image was to look like i was taking an image of my mum using my mobile phone and with all the layers i was able to create that look.

Take back the city

Here is my image for the theme " take back the city" for my digital imaging unit using photoshop. for my background layer i used an image of clouds that i had taken a few weeks ago when there was a lovely sky.

For my second layer i added in an image of my mums hand that i had taken i then copy and pasted that image onto the background layer, i cut out the hand from its original background and positioned it onto the background layer and then made a mask to paint through the background layer and fix up any mistakes i made from the cutting out.

My third layer is an image of the new kilmarnock campus i had taken when work was finished with the building. To add this image onto the second layer i went to copy and paste, and positioned the college onto my mums hand so it looked like she was holding it. By creating a mask on this third layer it allowed me to paint back through my mums hand around the college to blend it in to the hand. That is now my final image.

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