milk and honey by: rupi kaur

reviewed by keke edler

love will come and when love comes love will hold you love will call your name and you will melt, sometimes though, love will hurt you but love will never play no games, because love knows life has been hard already.


"Milk and Honey" is separated into four sections, The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking, and The Healing. The poems are written based off childhood sexual abuse and emotional abuse as an adult. Each section, or chapter, contains poems relating to areas in the speakers life. The Hurting focuses primarily on their childhood abuse and it shows how girls are taught at a young age to believe that women are inferior to their male counterparts, allowing them to let the male figures in their lives treat them any kind of way, even if it is wrong. The Loving goes on to talk about love from not only a lover, but also family and it's impact on them. The Breaking describes the heartbreak after the love and all the pain attached to it. Finally, The Healing is about exactly what it sounds like. It's about finding yourself after all has fallen, about self love and awareness. It shows the views of true feminism and what it actually is and not the white washed version of it, a.k.a white feminism. It's the section of inspiration and selflessness. Truly, the best part of the book.

Personal Review

I would recommend this book to anyone in search of healing from family relations, personal trauma, or just simply looking to come to terms with misshapes of the past. The book is primarily about pain and overcoming that pain and everything in between. It's a great read due to the fact that no matter the section, there is going to be something that you come across that hits close to home, and even if it doesn't, the author pours so much emotion into her writing, that you can't help but to feel almost every emotion portrayed by the author. This book is designed for anyone who has gone through any kind of hurt before, and are looking to find a better spot in life. The author talks about healing through self love, self awareness, and empowerment. The book sheds the light on the realness of life without having to sugar coat anything. It's raw, true. emotional, and uplifting, and i would definitely recommend the book to anyone looking for a good read.

"you might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant" - the loving
representation of feminism

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