Detective Peg By: Marco Perez

Detective peg was on another case for the police department. You knew it was him because he was wearing the same suit with his hat. Everyone at the agency loves him because of his personality. They say he was humorous, courageous,friendly, and trustworthy.

In this case they were investigating a murder. When he got to the scene he was in shock to hear how it happend. A man murdered his son and wife in their home on Sunday morning. He left a note behind that read,”this is the only chance I got to make my life better, I'm sorry Melinda and john this has to be done.” Detective peg kept the note in his pocket for evidence.

When the crime scene was getting wrapped up detective peg found another note in the night stand of the man that said,”all these year I've been struggling to give you guys a better life but, I can't do this anymore so I'm going to end our suffering.” Now the department knew why the family was murdered. Finding the husband was the next priority. First thing they did was go talk to the parents of the husband to get any clues where he could be hiding. The mom said he would probably be at motor inn an old motel where he would go hide if he was in trouble. So they thanked the parents and the went off to find the man.

When they got to the motel and they searched every room but, when they got to the last one they found the man, but he was not alive. He committed suicide. He left a note behind again saying,”I didn't want it to turn out like this but, I couldn't take the guilt anymore, I regret the decision of ending my family and so I now have to end mine, this has to be done.” he noticed that the hand writing on the two notes were different but he did not think anything of it. That was the end of the case and detective peg finally got to go home after two days of searching.

He was sad on the outcome of the case but he's glad he is done. At the end of every case they solve they throw a small office party for a job well done. In the party they relax, eat food, tell jokes and just have a great time. detective peg and his team were talking about the case and one of his team members was saying that the neighbors said that the family was very wealthy. peg thought to himself if they were wealthy why would he write those notes about not being able to provide for his family. peg went to the evidence room secretly.

He started looking through the husbands computer and he found out he was a drug dealer through his messages, and the most recent message was from a number and it said "you still owe me $45,000 for the shipment you have 2 days to pay me or you wont see whats coming". it was sent 4 days ago and the family was found dead 2 days ago. Detective Peg found out it wasn't the husband who killed his familly and wrote the notes, it was the man he owed money so it was a set up. Peg told his team on what he found out and the team went back to find the real murder. The case continues.

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