Maintaining a Healthy Sexuality by mikaela and bella

Sexuality plays a major role in everyone's identity and who they are as an individual person.

Having a healthy sexuality means to have the knowledge and power to express sexuality in ways that enrich one's life.

The inappropriate sexualisation of young woman

Inappropriate sexualization of women result in mental health problems such as low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders.

There are challenges in developing a healthy sexuality. The media can pressure people into changing themselves for attention.

Advertisements, such as the ones below, have unreasonable and unrealistic standards
  1. There is unnecessary sexualisation of a young child
  2. The product isn't even being advertised in the photograph
  3. The product is being unrealistically advertised and photoshop is being used
  4. It isn't necessary for her to clothless and the ad is setting unrealistic expectations for how your body would look after eating a burger
  5. It takes advantage of the sexualisation of women in this advertisement.
To develop a healthy sexuality in a healthy way, people need to understand that there are different characteristics and principles that we need to develop.

Young children don't understand that yet and need to be taught otherwise they may exploit their sexuality in ways that they may regret later in life.

Parents play a major role in the teaching of this

These girls are too young to say no.
A recent study found that girls as young as six years old wanted to be like dolls who were dressed in a sexy way compared to dolls who were dressed stylishly, but covered up. These young girls associated being sexy with being the way they wanted to look, being popular in school, and who they wanted to play with. Another finding of the study was the girls who spent a lot of time with media and who had mothers who were overly invested in their own appearance were more likely to identify with the sexily clad dolls.
Though some companies exploit the dignity of people who feature in campaigns, other companies fight back against inappropriately sexualised ads.

Like Protein Worlds advert

"We did not consider the image of the model would shame women who had different body shapes into believing they needed to take a slimming supplement … For that reason, we concluded the ad was not irresponsible," the ASA said in its ruling.

But the company Dove and a New York Graffiti Artist shamed the advert

As well as satire companies ,such as buzzfeed, slash back at advertisements and recreate them if gender roles were reversed

This shows that each person, male or female, has a right to human dignity and not exploited by advertisements

Other companies such as Lush and Dove celebrate our sexuality as human beings

Dove's real beauty campaign
Dove's real beauty campaign
Dove's real beauty campaign
Dove's real beauty campaign
Consequences that result from sexualisation of young women

-feeling self conscious

-losing your dignity and respect

-feeling embarrassed and ashamed

makes females feel dissatisfied about their bodies

males haves unrealistic expectations of what women should behave and look like

Thankyou for listening

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