Rural SChools Matter By: Jonathan Deleon

Literacy is does not only concern being able to do something physically like read and write. In this case it is the knowledge of what your children are learning and the type of learning conditions they are in.

Othello is a prime example of a rural town with lack of resources to help students achieve their best potential. The only way education in Othello will become more advanced is if the community speaks out. The literacy of what students learn is huge in growing a community.

Simplot Othello WA

Rural communities often have a scapegoat for teens who do not pursue education. For rural Othello it is two potato factories a mile out of town. Unfortunately many students decide to enter into the workforce instead of going to college. Working is not all bad but getting an education in something that you love seems like a better life style.

Othello High School

For years the community of Othello had been pushing to get a new High school as you can see it is very old. When a student studies in a facility that is nice their attitude toward school can change. Getting a better school would show the kids that the community cares about them.

It is hard to get to class at OHS the hallways are to small for the amount of students who attend school there.

Our library is probably to smallest library in the state of Washington. No wonder why OHS has had low reading scores over the years. Students deserve to have a nice place filled with books where they can study and expand their minds with books. If the community would take the time to become literate in the environment their children are being educated in the school would have to make a change. Being aware of a problem is the first step in fixing it.

The job of a teacher is not easy. Especially in a rural school often teachers are forced to have 30 kids minimum in each of their classes. One teacher can not answer every question a student has. Funding education would allow the district to hire more teachers which would make the classes smaller. As you can see in the picture above their is no way that this teacher would be able to get to each student everyday.

Alternative school in Othello

Funding should not end with OHS every student in the community should have the right to a high level education. Even if they did not excel in a regular classroom. The main reason for funding education programs is to benefit the future of our community. If students receive a great high school education the odds of them going to college sky rockets.

WCI Trucking

Agriculture is a beautiful thing but it is not for everybody. Growing up in a community where farming and trucking is the label of your town is hard for someone who has no passion for either. Implementing more education programs will give students more options for their future. Funding programs will only lead to more types of careers in our rural community.

CBHA Clinic

The newest building in Othello just so happens to be a clinic. What good is a new buliding if their are no doctors to work in it. No I am not saying that every student will become a Doctor. If there is a chance that implementing a technical program at OHS will inspire a student to pursue a career in the medical field wouldn't you want that program to be available. One day the students of today will be the leaders of our community it is up to you to give them the best shot at a great education.

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