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Jesus is alive

Sunday, April 4

Welcome to our interactive family worship service. Below are videos, music, and activities that you can do together. Follow the outline and click on the links. We have the opportunity to embrace sharing faith together in a new way. Parents: I know you have a lot on your plates these days. This can be a fun and easy way to connect and share with your children as we grow in faith together.


Happy Easter! Easter is an exciting day because Jesus is alive! He died on a cross, but three days later, He came back to life!

What is your favorite Easter activity? How does your family celebrate Easter?


Luke 23:26–24:12

We’re learning that Jesus is alive. That’s amazing news! Let’s watch what happened when Jesus died and came back to life.


Choose your favorites to watch and sing along.


We’re learning that Jesus is alive. That’s amazing news!

Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong. Ever! But some people thought He had done wrong things. They thought it was wrong of Him to say He is God, because they didn’t know that was really true. Back when Jesus was on earth, the law worked differently. Today, someone might get arrested and put in prison for doing something wrong. But during the time that Jesus lived on earth, punishments were really harsh. Prisoners were punished—or even put to death. Jesus’ punishment was dying on a cross—which means they nailed Jesus to a cross made of wood and waited for Him to die. It was a terrible way to die.

Do you think Jesus deserved the punishment He was given?

After Jesus died, something happened that might be kind of confusing. Even though it was the afternoon, things got really dark. Then the curtain in the Temple ripped.

The Most Holy Place was a place only one priest could go, and only once a year. It was a place where people thought God’s presence was the strongest. So when the curtain ripped, it was like God’s way of saying that now we can all be in God’s presence—there was nothing between us and God anymore. Jesus is our Savior, and when He died on the cross it took away things that stood between us and God.

Jesus is our Savior, and He gave his own life to rescue us. That’s pretty amazing! But there’s one more amazing thing we need to learn . Jesus rose from the dead!

Jesus not only took the punishment for our sins, He beat the punishment for our sins! Our sins are gone! Jesus is an amazing Savior!

The amazing thing about Easter is that Jesus is alive. Jesus is our Savior, but He’s not a dead savior—He’s alive and active in our lives today!


Jesus, thank you for loving me so much that you would give your life for me. Shine your light in me, through me, over me. Help me to make a difference in this world, for your glory and purposes. I love you Lord. Amen!

Monthly bible Memory verse

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.


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