Alonso Vela Man, Myth, and Music Legend

Alonso Vela, sophomore and Spanish-student extraordinaire, beloved by teachers, peers, and coaches alike. Math wiz, science stud, and a boss on the trombone. Will he become the world’s next great computer engineer? Maybe. But for now, his passion? Makin’ sick beats.

Known as ALPACA to his SoundCloud listeners, Vela started mixin’ rhythms in the 6th grade. He was playing around on his computer, and he has played in the band for a while, so he decided to start making music on his computer.

His Dad, a former musician, supported him, so from there, he kept practicing and developing his talent. He started with the app Garage Band, and with his expanding participation in various youth orchestras, he has begun to perfect his craft.

Now, under the new name Alpaca (Al- for Alonso, and alpaca for his Peruvian heritage) he has released some of his songs the world. He loves it so much, he says, because it’s the right combo of his interests- computers and chorale. He plans to keep at it for now, but doesn’t know if he’ll DJ’ing make it part of his career path. "Not as a full time job, but its' really fun” he says.