Jerry Falwell Jr.


  • Age 54
  • Married to wife Becki
  • President of Liberty University
  • Business entrepreneur
  • Real estate developer


  • No scandals
  • Relevant leader with exposure
  • Influenced major growth of the company
  • Decentralized authority
  • Realization of human capital as assets

Biographic Information

  • Graduated LCA (Lynchburg Christian Academy)
  • Graduated Liberty University 1984
  • Received Bachelor of Arts: Religious Studies & History
  • Graduated University of Virginia 1987
  • Received Juris Doctor degree
  • 1988-2007 successful real estate developer
  • 2003-2007 served as General Counsel to Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, & Liberty Christian Academy
  • 2003-2007 served as Vice Chancellor of Liberty University
  • May 2007 appointed President of Liberty University


  • Firearms on Liberty campus
  • Remarks on Title IX
  • Endorsement of Donald Trump
  • Task force for Department of Education
  • Hiring Ian McCaw as Athletic Director

Team Application

  • Critics of Falwell bring scrutiny to Liberty University
  • Virginia High School League moves events from campus
  • Maintaining Non-Profit status
  • Retirement or movement from Liberty University
  • Liberty's reputation as distinctly Christian

Biblical View

  • Gun Control-- Romans 12, 1 Timothy 5:8
  • God appoints leaders-- Roman 13
  • Jerry Falwell's gift of leadership-- Romans 12
  • Given this platform what would you do?


  • Jerry Falwell is an ethical leader
  • How do we know this?


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