THE CARTEL TIMES Know no boundaries - April goal - $1 million dollars

Alright Cartel April happened and we not only didn't hit our target of $1 Million dollars but we didn't even beat last year.....this is the first time in 12 months that this has happened to us! We need to make sure we take time to reflect on our opportunities and make Aprils trickies into Mays success story because..

So with that all said, it's time to take a look back on our April results and areas of oppertunity


Commercial Drive Mega brings their A game on month end, banking a SWEET $7942 and Sevenoaks bringing in second place with $6669. Amazing finishes teams


Lisa Munroe and Justyne Lunden brought their A Game till the very last second, look at those amazing month end transfers!


For the Cartel this is one of the most impostant strategies for the 2016/2017 financial year. with every single team driving an AFP, Manulife, GoGo and Ranges goal. We need to make sure we dominate the top spot in Canada


Goal: $10,000 per person

Cartel we ended April with $813,816 in GoGo sales, finishing just short of last years $897,746. We are celebrating the top GSAC in Canada with $6263 per person but we are still shy of our $10,000 per person goal.

Guildford Mega takes top shop in Canada with $1,179 Million in annual sales - Absolutely outstanding team!


Goal: 15-20 per person

VanCity takes the #1 spot in Canada for # of AFP's sold but Cartel take #1 for $ amount with $79,251 banked. This was one of our lightest AFP sales months with only 8.27 sold per person. Time to brush up on our team strategies and personal sales pitches, guys this is a massive area of opportunity for us

Congratulations to Willowbrook with highest AFP #'s @ 99 and total sales @ $8,100

Top AFP Consultants ~ Over 15 per person


Goal: $2200 per person

In reality team we only pulled through with $1494 per person, about $700 per person off our goal. Let's make sure that we offer this to every customer, if they don't take it then please create a shop Manulife callback list for your shop. Your teams Manulife hotshot gets a second crack at the sale by making sure your customer doesn't travel unprotected..... massive area for oppertunity

Manluife Top 10 Consultants:


Goal: 2-3 per person

April saw Cartel take #1 in Product Range sales in Canada but not by a lot, with 90 bookings we just crept past Southern Comfort. With Europe in full swing we need to make sure we're training ourselves on journeys products, this is a great area of opportunity for us

Ali Gokal @ Richmond takes top Ranges sales for the month of April with 7 - Otstanding

Amanda Grewall is currently #2 in Canada YTD with 42

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