MIPA summer workshop hosts LGBT issues panel July 30th, 2019

On June 28th, 1969, the LGBT community, their rights, and activism changed forever. This was the day of the Stonewall Inn riots. Suddenly, the opportunities for protesting were expanded, not just for the LGBT community, but for other marginalized groups.

Every year, the directors of the MIPA choose one heavy topic to discuss in depth and educate student journalists how to properly cover said heavy topics. Last year, the topic included mental illness, psychiatric ward patients, and suicide. This year, the topic encompasses LGBT issues.

The panelists include the assistant director to the MSU LGBT Resource Center, Oprah Jrenal, the Director of Waverly Schools, Lara Slee, and two students- George White, a global media specialist with an English and North American dual citizenship, and Cody Wallinga, a female to male transgender student who also studies international media. .

Questions included how to ask pronouns respectively?

How to use pronouns for trans-kids in paper and dealing with outing them

How do you increase awareness of issues?

Did you lose any friends over your journey?

How to use pronouns for transkids in paper and ensure we don't out them?

Use androgynous pronouns and have them read it for approval before publishing.

How can schools promote allies without overpowering the LGBT community?

Normalize relationships in curriculum. Make pride not a party. Stop corporate pride.

Photos of panel by Kellie Miles
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