House on Family Street Kathryn Henderson

My Name

My name is Kathryn. I’m not Katherine, Catherine, Cathryn or Katharine, but I am pure. In Latin, Hungarian, Hebrew, Danish and everywhere else, I’m pure. That’s what they say anyway. But, this isn’t the reason my parents named me this, they didn't look at me and say, “Wow, we're going to name her Kathryn because she’s so pure.” I can fully guarantee you it didn't happen that way, and I’m willing to bet my parents didn’t even know what my name meant at the time. To them, it meant a way to connect me and my great-grandmother, whom my mom was extremely close to and loved very much. Kathryn or Katherine? That was one of the biggest questions surrounding my name. My great-grandma was a Katherine, but times were changing back in 2003 and Katherine was getting old. My parents thought, “We should modernize that a bit don’t you think?” and Kathryn was born.

Kathryn Elizabeth. My other great-grandma, also on my mom’s side, is the star of my middle name. We’re big family people, and we have a big family too, so when it came time to name me, we looked to family. My name has blossomed from two of my great-grandmothers and has brought me closer to them, and I am very thankful. I am named after two amazing Women that played important roles in my mothers life and shaped her to be who she is, and she made me.

Have you ever realized that your name is just a sound that you are connect to? But is Kathryn really the sound I want to be, what I want people to remember me by? Do I want to be an Emma or Olivia or even Sophia? Do I fit the mold of a Kathryn? I believe so. The story behind my name makes me love it even more. I love the way it sounds rolling off the tongue, I love the people who graciously shared their names with me and I love the fact that it kept family ties strong. My name is my sound, and that sound is my favorite thing to hear. My name is Kathryn, Kathryn Elizabeth Henderson.


Click… click… FLASH! Just another day in the world of an amuture photographor. A smile is spread across the girl's face like melted ice on a hot day, fast and wide. Flowers, bright colors, a spring breeze, the perfection combination for a perfect day. The sun is out and shining while the sky is an endless pool of rich, clear blue. The birds are chirping while the wind whistles and everything is perfect. “Wow” my mom’s voice snaps me back to reality. She looks at the picture in my hand and it knocks the breath out of her. The way the light hits, the way the girls dress is flowing in the wind, the details are perfect… Perfect.

I stumbled across the picture when I was younger. I can’t remember the exact point in time but when my mom saw me she was taken aback. She told me the story of that day, she told me the girl in the picture was her, it was me. On that day I learned more about my mother that day than I ever had up to that point. The best bonding experiences may be insignificant in the scheme of thing, but that day it seemed like it was the most important thing in the world. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.


Day 1

Skrttttttt, a black mark appears behind me as I come to a screeching halt. Another failed attempt to break on my new bike. 3 times the charm right? Or maybe 53? Or 103? I GIVE UP. A little six year old flipping out over handlebars and brakes! I was crazier than a psycho killer… well, maybe not quite that extreme.

Day 2

Helmet on and buckled! Elbow and Knee pads up and ready! On your marks get set… GO! I raced down the sidewalk with my dad screaming behind me “BREAK” my bike obeys and come to a standstill while I exhibit a perfect example of Newton's 1st law of Gravity- object in motion stay in motion, my body is like a rocket shooting through the air until i hit the concrete with a hard thud and a loud scream. While I don’t have any major injuries, just a few scrapes and bruises, it’s enough to turn me off of bike riding for good… or maybe just until tomorrow.


3 strikes and you’re out. That’s the name of the game, the game my little brother Hogan has been playing since he was 2. The game every spring saturday’s are devoted to every weekend. The games that make my shoulders ghost white compared to the rest of my arms. Baseball.

Dribble. Pass. Shoot. 2 points and were ahead. Winter, cold. Shots, fire! Saturday mornings are once again gone. Another season another sport. Basketball.

The leaves are falling and so is the coin. “HEADS”. First down, snap the ball, TOUCHDOWN. My saturdays are gone for America’s Sport. I would leave but there's a flag on the field and I want to see how my little bro reacts to being overruled. Plot Twist- the touchdown was good and now they get to go for two even closer than they're supposed to! Football.

Eat, Sleep, Play. Eat, Sleep, Play. 110% or nothing.



My family is and always has been a very large piece of my life. I mean, they were big deciding factors on my name before I was even born. After I was born I made great memories that some kids can’t say they could make with their parents. I love my family, bottom line, and they’ve been the biggest factors in shaping me to be the person I am today. Even though they sometimes get on my nerves (mostly my little brother) They are always loving, always present in my life and I am eternally grateful for my family.

I believe The ideas and problems presented in the book closely relate to not only myself personally, our entire society as a whole. One of the first vignettes that stood out to me as something I could relate to was “A Rice Sandwich”. I feel like we can all relate to this vignette because we have all sought after something at least once, and sometimes after all that waiting we finally get what we want but the experience isn’t good or something just goes wrong. I also feel like many of the feeling she portrays during the book can be related to. She feels as though she’s trapped inside her body emotionally and inside her home physically. I believe everyone feels some of this during their transition from adolescents to adults. I feel like I personally have experienced some of these feelings but I don’t really think I have experienced my life changing, once in a lifetime, coming of age. I plain out don’t think I’ve hit the correct age mentally for that to happen quite yet.

I actually liked the book quite a lot. First of all, I love to hear little snippets of people's live because I have a problem with not realizing other lives are just as complex and crazy as my life. Secondly, the vignettes made it easier to understand and dissect that having her entire life story for this made up character. Lastly, I loved Cisneros writing style and it made me enjoy the book more. I really liked the themes stated in the book and how much I and everyone else (excluding Ethan- haha jokes) could relate to the book.

My Dream House

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Kat Henderson


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