Bobs water cycle adventure By Owen Fleckenstein

This is Bobs adventure through the water cycle.

Say hi to Bob!

Bob and his family live in the big city, the ocean.

This is Bob and his family.

Bob and his family stayed there for about 400 years before a bully moved in next door, Carel. then Bob had to put up with the bully every day for another 300 years.

This is Bob trying to put up with the bully.

One day Bob was siting in his living room and then all of a sudden he started to evaporated. He soon noticed that his mom and his dad where evaporating too.

Bob and his family love there new home.

They evapora into the clouds and there where a bunch of other people up there wIth them. Soon after they evaporated into the clouds the percipitated down onto an ice berg and they slid down the ice berg and the mountain and bob reliZed thAt they where runoff.

Bob and his family are still runoff.

The family was runoff until they got to the ground and then they where ground water.

They like there new home.

They travelEd through the ground for a couple of yeArs then they where back in the ocean.

Luckily the carel had moved out and they didn't have to deal with him any more.

They lived happily ever after.

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