The Adore Girls' Guide to Mastering the Boudoir Client Experience Las Vegas | February 8, 2017 | 1pm

Join us in Las Vegas for a class on providing your clients the ultimate boudoir experience.

The experience starts long before the first contact and lasts long after the images and products are delivered. Learn how your brand, website, social media plays into the experience along with the time you spend with your client.

The client experience is one of the most important elements to a successful boudoir studio.

In addition to gorgeous images, your clients should receive an experience that leaves them feeling like the only woman in the wold, talking to their friends and wanting to come back.

The Adore Girls’ boudoir photography studio, which opened it’s doors in 2012, is the most successful boudoir studio in Nashville, TN - a city that is currently saturated with photographers who also specialize in this genre. At the time of this publishing, 2016 has been The Adore Girls’ most successful year to date, as they are on pace to gross $400,000 by the end of December.

So, what makes The Adore Girls so successful? What compels their average client to spend $2000-2500 on their images? Why are the majority of their new clients word-of-mouth referrals, and why do they consistently book repeat clients? The answer lies in The Adore Girls’ slogan: “It’s not just a photo shoot…it’s an experience.”

This class, taught by owner/photographer, Jamie Pfister, and her associate photographer, Courtney Bell, will teach you how to provide your boudoir clients with the same quality experience that has been turning their clientele into advocates for their studio for many years. Jamie and Courtney will share their techniques for generating interest in The Adore Girls’ brand and attracting new leads through social media and their website. You will learn how they are able to effectively communicate with each client - before, during and after the photo session - in order to transcend the client/photographer relationship and truly connect with each woman on a more intimate level. Through this class, you will come to understand how this ability to connect with potential and established clients truly is the key to financial success and increasing popularity for your own boudoir photography business.

Topics that will be discussed during this four-hour class include:

  • Your Brand - Know who you are, why you shoot boudoir, and what type of experience you want to provide your clients.
  • Your Website - The best and most effective ways to design your website, including layout, portfolio image selection, what type of information to provide (and how much), and a call to action for new leads.
  • Social Media - How to effectively use Facebook and Instagram to generate and maintain interest in your studio, including the importance of having a private Facebook group for your studio in addition to your public page.
  • Initial Contact - The importance of prompt response times and how to speak to your clients on the telephone (even if you hate it).
  • Consultations - Why in-person consultations are so important for both you and your client, and what you should say to help persuade them to book.
  • The Session - We will walk you through an Adore Girls’ boudoir session from beginning to end, discussing techniques we use to calm our client’s nerves, gain her trust, help her feel comfortable stepping out of her comfort zone, and, most importantly, to make sure she has FUN during her session! We will also discuss the importance of beginning each session with a set of headshots, when you should and should not show images to your client on the back of your camera, and how to help even the most awkward clients pose naturally.
  • The Image Debut - How to harness your client’s “afterglow” feeling leading up to their Image Debut, the importance of a short turn-around time, and our tried-and-true most effective sales techniques.
  • After the Session - The importance of good, personalized customer service, referral programs, and how to maintain a connection with your clients long after their session is done.

Class will be held February 8th at 1pm in our hotel suite at the Aria.

Only 10 seats available.

Save $100 now through December 31st with our early bird pricing!

We will also be offering 2 shoots while in Vegas. Email if you would like to book a session in Vegas!

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