The Fortress Apartment of Chill

Welcome to The Fortress a.k.a home. My name is Kieran Crown and this is some sort of compilation of my designs and design related bits and bobs that have influenced the way I work.

This program is a life saver!

I'm sure most people are already know of this app at the very least. If you don't, you should. Basically this app acquires a palette that can be sent straight to and other adobe program, which is ridiculously useful! It typically uses your phone or tablet's camera to take a photo and draw out colours from that photo. You can play around with where it picks up the colours from the photo; this is handy if you see a particular colour you like that the app hasn't picked up. The app has several other features such as patterns and shapes, these in and of themselves are great features but aren't as widely applicable as apps palette picker.

Below are a couple of examples taken from The Fortress. As you can tell I really enjoy the vibrant yet mellowing colours of sunsets. The app itself shows just how vibrant life can be! Even when all we see is a dull, boring world.. this app reveals just how colourful it actually is.

Fortress Sunset Palette (1)
Fortress Sunset Palette (2)
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Kieran Crown

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