No Limits music video Pitch by Director, Maya albanese

Video Themes: Gender & racial equality, and the unity of humanity.

Video Message: Women can and should lead in currently male-dominated fields, so women and minorities should keep working toward their dreams despite any stereotypes and obstacles.

Video Technique: Flip gender stereotypes on their heads by showing women being total bosses in career roles where there isn't gender equality in America yet.

Cast: White Woman / Film Director (Kate Winslet), Black Woman / Surgeon, Mexican Woman / Pilot, Asian Woman / Firefighter, Muslim Woman / Computer Engineer, Indian Woman / CEO of Fortune 500 Company


(Piano intro & first stanza) Super tight shots of a woman getting ready to go out for the day (shot frames are elusive, so that it is difficult to discern who it is at the beginning).

She splashes cold water on her face. She pulls her hair back. She puts on mascara. She puts on a suit jacket. She grabs her work bag. She kisses her kid on its forehead. She zips out the door.

(First Chorus) Centered, straight-on shot of an elevator door opening and a well-dressed woman (our protagonist) is revealed as Kate Winslet (or another casted white actress). It quickly dives into a montage of fast cuts of the same elevator-door opening shot, so it reads like a flip book (actresses who come out are all “reveals,” because they’re all public figures of some kind). After Kate, a black woman exits the elevator...then an Asian woman...then an Indian woman...then a Muslim woman...then a Latina woman…then back to Kate Winslet, and the camera stays close on her as she walks out of the elevator like a boss.

(Piano interlude after first chorus) Montage of super tight shots again, this time of women’s feet scurrying into work. The shots cut from dress shoes to tennis shoes to sandals to boots to heels, etc.

(Second stanza) Kate Winslet walks onto a film set, and we discover that she is directing a film. We see her instructing a male crew member and blocking actors.

Cut to the black woman who walks into the ER, puts on her scrubs, and we see that she is a head surgeon at a hospital, and beside her is a male nurse ready to assist the operation.

(Second chorus) An Indian woman walks down a jet bridge. A male steward salutes the captain/her as she goes into a cockpit. We find out she is the head pilot of the aircraft.

Cut to the Asian woman sliding down a pole, she puts on a fire suit and starts up a giant red fire truck. She is a firefighter getting ready to go out and save lives, but she's in a group of all male firefighters.

Cut to the Muslim woman sitting down at a mega IT setup. Turns out she’s a head computer engineer coding an app in a Google-like office environment.

Cut to the Latina woman walking to the front of a large and formal boardroom. The shareholders stand up at the table as she enters in respect. She’s the CEO of a major company.

(Crescendoed final chorus) The film director drives fast out of her work in a hot red car, another woman jumps onto a high speed train, another puts her helmet on and hops onto her motorcycle, and another stacks her tennis shoes onto a skateboard and scoots off. All the women collide in the city center and dance together in a choreographed routine to the empowering end of this music track. The men watching on the sidelines decide to join in, and in the end, all the women and men from the video are seen dancing together in sync.

DIRECTOR CONTACT: Maya Albanese,, 415.565.9445,

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