Greece Ms. Schaefer

POLITICS - Greece is a parliamentary republic with the President as the head of state. A parliamentary republic exists when an executive branch is held accountable to the legislature. The President is elected for a five year term by the Parliament. His position can then be renewed for another five years. The President chooses the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister tells the President who to put in his Cabinet. Parliment has 300 seats with members recieving four year terms. Voting is required by law for anyone 18 years old and older. In the Judical branch, judges are appointed for life by the president. Judgments are made according to the Roman Law.

ECONOMICS - Greece is considered an advanced high-income economy. In 2001, Greece decided to use the euro as its currency instead of the Greek drachma. They boast that only 36% of their population is at risk of poverty. Their unemployment rate is 25%. The average salary is 18,495 euros.

RELIGION - The major religion in Greece is Greek Orthodox (about 98% of the population). The other two percent is made up of Muslim, Catholic, and Jewish. Originally, Greece followed those in Catholicism until there was break from tradition. The major argument was that the Pope wanted complete control over Greece and the Patriarchs did not agree. They have a separation between church and state.

SOCIAL STRUCTURE - The people are organized by how much money they make just like the United States (upper, middle, and lower class). All males over the age of 18 are required by law to serve in the military, but the same rule does not apply to females. It seems that the population is declining due to a lower birth rate and marriage rate in the country. It leads one to believe that the country in aging quickly.

INDUSTRY - The two largest industries for Greece are tourism and shipping. Greece has about 18 million international tourists a year. On the list of most visited places, Greece ranks seventh. Greece has the Greek Mercant Navy that helps transport goods between Greece and Asia.

ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT - Greece has multiple film festivals, art museums, historical museums, and an active nightlife. There is a 10-day film festival that occurs yearly. A traveler could visit both ancient and contemporary museums. There are castles and ancient ruins to go visit while in Greece. Below are different websites that take a visitor to the museums of Greece.


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