Field Research- Graphic Communications/ Graphic Design Mary Craig

Discuss findings on writing within the field of Graphic Communications:

  • Interview with Dr. Erica Walker- her background includes feature film production, web design & development, print buying, marketing, and graphic design for print
  • Analyze an academic article
  • Analyze real world documents

Analysis of "Text(ure), Modelling, Collage: Creative Writing and the Visual Arts"

Academic article is an interdisciplinary conversation essay discussing the similarities of creative writing, studio art, and graphic design.

Very little investigation on the relation between creative writing and the graphic design.

“Designers are required to write headlines, taglines, slogans, mission statements, body copy, etc. and are introduced to concepts that include tone-of-voice, writing structure, hierarchy, narratives, and editing”

Graphic design includes writing techniques such as typography, authorship, and page composition.

Creative writing may not be used regularly in the field of graphic design, creative writing and graphic design intersect to help professionals become well rounded as artists.

Analysis of real life documents within the field:

A need for proper technical writing skills for a resume, job application, portfolio, emails, infographics, brochures, designs, emails, resumes, letters, memos to fellow employees, and to be able to form proper questions to ask in interviews.

Correct grammar and spelling

Clarity in one's organization of thoughts

Persuasive techniques- Rhetorical strategies to sell a brand or product.

Typography to show creativity and precise elements of design.

“Writing as Design, Design as Writing. As with writing, design has a reader. Design is read” -Donald Norman


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