Jacy Lewis Portfolio of Work

Global Eyewitness

I conducted a lot of research for my Global Eyewitness story. However, four days before our departure date it was decided we wouldn't be traveling to Bangladesh due to safety concerns. Two months of research was thrown out. It was decided we were going to go to Nepal instead. Research on Nepal started with a short amount of time left in the U.S.

We had to research an entire culture to find story ideas in three days.

We did all the research possible in that time. I had a few story ideas; children in prison with their parents, carpet making districts, the untouchables class and Somali refugees stuck in Nepal. I eventually found my story at a displacement camp that was active over a year after a major earthquake.

In order to complete this project I had to understand the culture of the people I was documenting. I needed to ask about their family structure, how their lives had changed and what the future was going to look like. Another important part of the production process was not only showing the bad or only talking about how they are victims of an earthquake. That was the major part of the story but they weren't all the same.

Sports photography

While photographing sports during my time at UNL, I had to learn and use the appropriate camera bodies and lenses. I needed extensive knowledge about which settings to use in certain lighting situations. I also had to know how to correct any issues that I didn't photographing in raw while in the field, during the editing process in Photoshop. This is my portfolio of sports photos.

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