Reading Girls' School newsletter - 4 september 2020

Principal's message: Welcome back

Firstly, I want to thank you for placing your trust in us by sending your children back to school this week.

You’ll know from our re-opening plans document, that we have taken safety steps to practices and the physical environment. As parents are very welcome to visit us to see those changes if you feel it will offer peace of mind. To that end and to help us manage numbers, if you could book a slot directly with Mrs Clacey via jclacey@readinggirlsschool.net, you are more than welcome to see what we do.

Following two days of inset this week, we have revised our reopening plans. Updates are highlighted in yellow for your information.

Albeit yesterday and today were shorter days for the girls, we wanted to ease them back into school and felt that taking the time to tour the school with them and hold induction assemblies was more important than starting lessons.

The key feature of our assemblies yesterday was to convey the message that covid-19 has been a complete leveller for everybody regardless of whether you are a student or member of staff at RGS. I’m sure we would have all been affected in different ways and now we are all returning to be in an environment with larger groups of people than we have experienced in many months.

Many schools around the country have written covid-19 behaviour policies to administer their new routines. We will not be doing that. The message shared in assemblies yesterday was that interactive human behaviour is far more important than behaviour systems. In the workshop section of each year group assembly, the girls offered suggestions for key human qualities that they would like us all to display over the coming weeks and months. We will shape this over the next week into a whole-school charter and share the finished format with you. The link will take you to a copy of yesterday’s assemblies.

Jon Gargan, Principal

Please read the message below from our uniform supplier Stephensons regarding the latest supply update information.