Tides have Turned! bATTLE AT aISNE TURNS IN FAVOR OF THE GERMANS April 17, 1917 Paris, france

When the French Army regained its confidence just 2 days ago, those of the Allied powers gained hope of an ultimate push to victory. With the hiring of Robert Nivelle as the new general of the French Army, many believed that this would be the start of a new push to end the reign of the all-mighty central powers. However, the French had no idea what they were facing. Yesterday, the French Army sent in a massive attack to attempt to “rupture the German defense lines.” At first, the French seemed to be having much success, as they easily destroyed the first line of the Germans. However, the Germans had planned for this sort of attack. When the French reached the second line, they stood no chance against the Germans. Within second of entering, French troops were taken care of by aces, machine gunners, snipers, and bombers. This caused the French to retreat. Now, the allied powers are faced with a tall task. Will they be able to survive this battle without losing much of their army? Many citizens of France, Britain, Serbia, and the United States have begun to worry on what the future will bring. Only time will be able to tell.


We all know by now - the United States is now actively involved in WW1, fighting to stop the central powers. But who really is the central powers? The central powers in the war are made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. The central powers began in 1882, when Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed an alliance. Since then, Italy has left. Three year ago, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria formed an alliance to protect themselves from Serbia. Two years ago, Bulgaria declared war on Serbia, causing Germany to add them and the Ottoman Empire to the central powers. The reason that the Central Powers began war was because of the assassination of Austria-Hungary’s leader, Archduke Ferdinand. This caused the group to declare war on Serbia. Now, the central powers are too involved in this war to pull out of it, meaning that they will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Archduke Ferdinand, 50

Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria was an Archduke of Austria-Hungary from 1896 until his death in 1915. He was born in 1863 in Austria-Hungary, and lived there his whole life. In 1874, at just age 11, he was named to be in Archduke once he became of age, due to the death of his father. He also served in the Austro-Hungarian Army for 10, years, earning ranks as high as general. In 1896, he was officially named an archduke of Austria-Hungary. He was killed by a Serbian in 1915, setting off the events of WW1.

Woodrow Wilson, 67

(Thomas) Woodrow Wilson was an American politician in the early 1900’s, most known for being the 28th president of the United States of America from 1913-1921. He led the United States through the days of World War 1, and developed an activist foreign policy known as “Wilsonianism.” He also was the president of the University of Princeton in the late 1800’s. He died in 1924 at his home due to a stroke. He didn’t even make it to the hospital.

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