Chase Wetherington Career Portfolio

My results for the interest profiler
Some of my recent work. The Photo of Bronx Zoo I edited to a suitable postcard to attract people to the zoo.


Chase Wetherington

Lakeland Florida 33813

(863) 800-4727


Gause Academy of Leadership

Bartow, FL

Career Technical Courses

Digital Design 1 & 2

GPA: 3.5


I am currently looking for a part - time position


I have been on a debate team in seventh grade for the school year and I was in charge of setting up and organizing events.

Skills :

1. Know Windows operating system

2. Know how to build a computer

3. InDesign Certified.

Spark Certification

4. Done multiple assignments in Microsoft Word.

5. Multiple assignments in Powerpoint

Projects :

1.Made various postcards for New York attractions.

2. I have made valentines day cards in Photoshop

Quick Facts for Crafts and Fine Arts.

Quick Facts:

Median pay- $45,080 per year

$21.68 per hour

Typical education for entry level: there is no set education requirement but you can get plenty of post-secondary degrees that can improve your skills.

Work in past relating occupations: There is no past work needed in related fields needed to get and work in this job field.

On the job training: There is Long term on the job training involved in this job.

Number of jobs: There are 50,300 jobs available.

Job Outlook: The job outlook for this job is 2% which is slower than average on the 7% scale.

Employment change: there have been 900 employment changes.

What does someone in this career do: A fine artists and craft person makes art and creates sculptures out of clay stone and even make textiles.

Work environment: Craft artists are mostly self-employed and can work at home most of the time.

How to become one?: Most get a master or bachelor to help improve their skills.

Job outlook: The rate for growth has gone up two percent which is slower than average.

Median pay: $45,080

My Personality type.

Personality type: “The Protagonist” (ENFJ-A)

Individual traits: Extraverted – 79%, Intuitive – 56%, Feeling – 80%, Judging – 66%, Assertive – 79%

Role: Diplomat

Strategy: People Mastery

Craft and Fine Arts Facts

1. Artists create objects that are beautiful creations

2. Craft artiste work with various materials

3. If good enough they will display there work in muesuems

4. They also create various cartoons.


CD cover I made for a school project

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